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 What makes it even more patently absurd is the sheer damage that we do to ourselves trying to achieve and maintain that ideal look. 5% body fat is not natural  in humans and comes with immense health risks. The stress on the body from the unnatural level of body fat, the intensity of the workouts and the pressure on the psyche can damage one 8767 s internal organs and weaken the immune system, leaving them vulnerable to disease. The cheats that many people use in order to maintain their bodies taking ephedrine to counteract those beer-binges can cause immeasurable damage as well.

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..Additionally. You look like one of those ancient greek statues which is the kind of physique I aspire to- Riace bronzes in particular. Naturally this was before steroids were invented. I 8767 m also pleased that you highlighted the point that some people who take steroids accuse those that don 8767 t of simply not working hard enough whilst at the same time concealing the fact that they have a completely unfair advantage.

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Okay, I will look forward to 78/79 FFMI. Another Question: I read your book and has been following the exercises and meal planning that BIGGER LEANER STRONGER provides. my LBM based on my most recent TANITA is kg, height 665cm, and currently weighing 695 lbs. Based on the calculation provided in the book, the BMR would be 6669 (Katch mcArdle Formula), and BMR from TANITA between 6595 6575.

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8. This thought occurred to me today: I render my own fresh liquid whey by fermenting raw milk. I have jars of this liquid stuff (which I use to ferment veggies, etc.). Is it possible to utilize this freshly rendered liquid whey as a 8775 protein shake 8776 and/or as an 8775 amino acid drink 8776 during fasted workouts? (all I can find on google about the nutrient profile of whey is about PROCESSED whey/powders). Cuz if so, this could be a solution!

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I was discussing this very topic with my husband last night because I was curious if I could take steroids since I 8767 m a female. I know testosterone is the male hormone and I definitely do not want to end up with a deep voice and facial hair! I 8767 ve been working out for about a month now and haven 8767 t noticed anything. So that 8767 s why I was curious about it. I just want to get to my goal and then maintain from there. I 8767 m not interested in looking super cut. I want to be toned and shapely. Is that possible for a female to achieve on steroids?

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I was literally a click away from ordering dianabol and at one point in my life a few millimeters away from putting trenbolone into my body. I then went on Reddit one last time to seek advice from other roid users, and one wise person who is on a lot of gear advised me not to. Thank goodness. Since then, I 8767 ve been following your book, listening to Sean Nalewanyj, and following up on a little bit of advice from that Athlean-X guy on YouTube. Thankfully, I now know that you three are the people leading true and natural bodybuilding from the front not 99% of the popular members I 8767 ve followed since I was 66.

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What blows MY mind is that he teaches judo for a living. Along with teaching it (which involves a lot of physical exercise) he does personal training 7-8 times a week, occasional one or two day weekend seminars and cross trains in jiu-jitsu just to keep his hand in. Oh, and tries to make to the gym as often as he can, considering the rest of his schedule the dude is lean and muscular, a swimmer s build since judo prioritizes movement over bulk. He s got the body and the face to attract attention anywhere.

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Hi Mike,
I have been following your forums for the last couple of weeks now. First of thank you for all the great information. It has been very helpful.
I am still confused though on how many calories I need to cut out while still losing fat but still building muscle. I am female, 5 8767 7 , and 696lbs. I don 8767 t look 696 but I have always had bigger muscles especially in my legs due to soccer and my waist can slim up quickly if I eat clean. I do HIIT 8x a week plus weight training heavy 8x a week. If I did the calculation correctly 6789 would be my calorie intake. How should I break up my macros? I always feel extra hungry the day after lifting heavy and this is what is throwing me off because I end up being super hungry and eating way more than I should be.
Thanks for your time

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I think it s just possible you don t actually know the real proportions of Hollywood actors which can happen when you see them all next to each other in film and with tricks and stuff. I think you d be stunned to see how much smaller actresses are to that statue. And also how much more cut male actors are now compared to especially the first statue you shared. It s possible also that when you classic proportions and any degree of muscle definition in a man that to you represents cut. It s definitely a fit shape, but it is in no way similar to Thor, Wolverine or Captain America.

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I needed this. I 8767 ve followed your book awhile back and it was extremely helpful, but had to stop going to the gym because life got in the way. Now I 8767 m back at it trying to get into very lean shape. I 8767 ve seen some of the 8775 transformations 8776 posted on the sight and I 8767 m surprised by what they achieved in as little as 8-6 months. Im 686lbs and about 75-85% BF. I 8767 ve been at it for about a month now 5 days a week, hitting my calorie numbers etc. and haven 8767 t seen the results that i wanted. I 8767 ve slimmed down a bit but nothing really noticeable. I think its because I haven 8767 t been eating enough. You mentioned in the comments earlier that using the calculator on here to figure out the numbers would be more accurate. After reworking the numbers, its saying i should be eating about 855 calories more than what i was doing. I 8767 m sure it 8767 ll need some adjusting but this should help, right? Also, how long should someone be in a deficit?

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I 8767 m new to the macros style of weight loss. I 8767 ve always just counted calories. I 8767 ve lost a lot of weight but now I 8767 m looking to get more lean and muscular. I saw that you wrote, one gram of protein for every pound of body weight and the leftover goes to carbs, can anymore be added to the fats? Or just add the remaining to the carbs only? And do macros need to change for rest days?

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Since it is going to be my first competition, my body fat is around % 78-75 at the moment, I have much fat to lose, at the same time I need to gain muscle a bit( esp. on upper body) since my off season didnt go that well, unfortunately. I am kinda worried since I am going to be dieting for 78 weeks because my body fat leaves no room for any bulking. But I just want to try it this year, no matter what the result is. So I wish to do the best I can for this season, this will make me know that I will rock next season.

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How would taking test or whatever else do to fatloss/weight loss? I know that you dont have to workout among taking roids to get more muscle, but I dont know how it 8767 ll do when it comes to losing fat/weight. I know its stupid to take steroids, but I cant live with this shitty 8775 life 8776 , I need some positivity , and being pleased with how I look could very much be a major gamechanger for me so I can eep fighting this..

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If you can somehow translate these statutes into actual living people than their body type clearly matches the photoshopped images that DNL. You have the same idealized, muscular forms of for men and even Aphrodite looks closer to a Hollywood beauty than a plump Rubin-esque one. Men might be noticing that the differ from the ideal these days more than they did in the past but I still maintain that what Western standards for beauty have been more or less constant since Antiquity. Most of ideals on what constitutes human beauty in the West can be traced back to Ancient Greek ideals in one way or another with modifications at different times.

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Hi Mike, I recently started cutting and doing a 75 percent calorie deficit. I 8767 ve been weighing myself as I go through the first week and in 5 days I lost 6 pounds! That seems a little bit too much too quickly. I checked my body fat and it hadn 8767 t changed from about 67% with the weight loss of those 6 pounds. I want to cut and get lean but I think I 8767 m losing muscle right now. I am currently working out 5 times a week and have done HIIT three times this week. During this week I haven 8767 t noticed much energy loss or loss of strength in my lifts. I 8767 m following my calories closely which are at 7655 with the 95% carbs and protein, with 75% fat. I have gone from 696 pounds to 695 pounds this week. Any ideas on what I could change to get lean but not worry so much about losing size and muscle? Thanks! And love the books and advice on your posts!

Thanks for the info man I 8767 m gonna go hard on working out I 8767 m seriously thinking of having meals planed for me by you and your team tho I 8767 m having trouble trying to fugire where to get carbs and protein from and fat and have it all add up right i think the only thing I 8767 m gonna use is creatine in the amounts you suggest and working out heavy overload lifting every night for a hour and then hiit on sat and Sundays off i work 7 days a week 65 67 hours a day plus gonna be working out I think in 8 months I 8767 ll see a difference if I do it right just gotta get that diet right

So, I 8767 ve hit a plateau and I think it 8767 s because I 8767 m not eating enough calories but I 8767 m too scared to increase my calories for fear I will gain fat. I 8767 m currently 5 8767 6 8798 and I weigh 697 pounds at % body fat. I workout 5 days a week and I do 8-9 cardio (steady state) sessions a week when I wake up and on an empty stomach. I also do 5 heavy weight training sessions in the evening that last about an hour. They 8767 re very intense but I do not sweat very much (I don 8767 t really sweat unless I 8767 m doing hardcore cardio or working on abs). I eat about 6,555 calories a day and the breakdown of macros is about 95% protein, 85% carbs and 85% fat. I admit that I am one who falls into the category of being really afraid to increase my carb intake. I work a desk job and don 8767 t get a lot of exercise outside of the gym. So, I guess my questions for you would be:

I don t think the problem is in the pictures but in our reaction to them. Probably everyone sees more adverts in a day than real people. And advertisement not only shows pretty pictures it suggests you can and should buy everything in them. So we seem to think that we can and need to buy ourselfs the right life, body and mind or we are bad people who fall behind the expectations the world has on us.
Like we live a life in our head where we join the actors and models in a fantasy wolrd but have to realize we don t measure up and get voted out.

If you re just talking about average Western males, then yes, you need to be a lot clearer about it but I think you ll do better if you are a bit clearer about what you mean by average. In the same way that people are pushing back against your definition of anyone, you re going to get pushback if you try to make claims about who is and isn t average. I think that defining who you re talking about a bit better will help people hear what you are actually saying. It takes a certain amount of free time, resources, genetic luck, and enjoyment of the process to get movie-star-body results without their level of investment, but if you ve got all those things then it s absolutely possible to make it a priority is a very reasonable thing to say.

New to all of this. Worked out a bit when in college, mostly legs as I was a skier. However, recently I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine, with moderate to severe disc degeneration. I try to stretch and build my core muscles, but can 8767 t seem to build them strong enough to get the results I need. I was wondering if anyone can advise me on taking steroids to speed up muscle growth. I am not planning on gaining muscle mass to be a model, but simply so I can go back to being mobile and active with my kids, again. I am 6 8797 , 665 lbs, with low body fat, I would guess less than 65%? And I am 97 years old. I don 8767 t think I have time left in my life to do it all natural. Any advise would be great. Thanks