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Olivia Austin - Nurse Olivia
The night shift has commenced and naughty Nurse Olivia is on the clock. She keeps a steady eye and a low hanging massive rack on her patients tending to all their hands-on checkups. The newest patient loves this beautiful busty blonde milf bathing him and monitoring his vitals, but when his day dreaming gets the better of him, Nurse Olivia pumps up his blood pressure with a checkup he’ll never forget here on Screwbox.

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When I see someone do stuff confidently, and determinedly, which could be anything, really. He 8767 s just about to make a dang good omelette? Wow. He 8767 s got his concentration face while typing away on his computer in a speed that 8767 s dangerously close to Usain Bolt 8767 s PB? So hot. He 8767 s carrying a bag full of this week 8767 s groceries? 8766 So what do you think about marriage? 8767

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Turtlenecks. My roommates made fun of me when we were lived abroad but I get so turn on when I see a good looking man wearing a turtleneck (so yay for France and Italy for fitting that quota). Black turtleneck with black blazer/leather jacket and maybe some scruff and I 8767 ll start drooling like a dog. So yeah, weird turn on.
And lately, tattoos. Really turned on by sleeves, half sleeves- you name it.

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When someone remembers what I like and don 8767 t like without being reminded. Ie: picks the raisins out of every damn muffin that thought raisins would somehow make it better, just for me.
LIKES SWEETS. I have an immediate distrust for people who don 8767 t like sweets.
Honest about vices.
A solid, non-serious argument when you 8767 re just meeting someone. I 8767 m pretty confident so it 8767 s kind of a turn on when someone steps to me in public for some mental gymnastics.
Likes dancing, but doesn 8767 t do it super well. Kind of proves he doesn 8767 t take himself too seriously. Or loves music so much he can 8767 t help himself. Which are both turn on 8767 s for me. (RHYTHM a huge plus).
Quiet, non-pushy confidence. Quiet strength just shouts louder for me than overstated aggression.
Makes the bed. When I walk by my room when he 8767 s over and the bed is just suddenly made, I kind of die a little.

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I once saw two straight dudes (my friend and I intensely evaluated the situation and came to the determination that they were not gay/dating, or related) eating together in a restaurant. It was just the two of them at a fairly nice sit-down restaurant. They shared an appetizer and let their hands graze each other if they happen to reach at the same time. It was the greatest thing I 8767 ve ever witnessed.

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I think the shape of our attraction ought to be considered as complex as the shape of our personalities, which is why I 8767 d like to request you consider the below comments section Exhibit B: a safe space for sharing what unconventional qualities attract you. Let 8767 s paint this picture as colorfully as possible. And while we 8767 re at it, maybe let 8767 s discuss conventional ones, too, because I 8767 m still processing being turned on by Avi drilling something into a wall the other day and I need someone to talk me through it.

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There 8767 s this guy from work who smells sooooo goooood! Like someone who 8767 s just got out of the shower, which I suppose is the case. I 8767 m very particular about smells and his is just perfection. Anyway, we work together so I keep things professional. But the other day I was having coffee and he asked me what kind of music I like. Anyway, we talked about bands and he mentioned he plays the guitar and he used to be in a band. Well, I was never really super into musicians, until two days ago HE SENT ME A VIDEO OF HIM PLAYING THE GUITAR OMG! Super normal video, just him, at home, playing. Foo Fighters, one of my favorite songs, and he actually plays really well. That just makes me want to sniff him even more which I haven 8767 t!
Anyway, I 8767 ve been out of the office this week but I 8767 ll be back tomorrow and I 8767 ll probably see him. If that 8767 s not a real life romcom in the making, I don 8767 t know what is!

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Since her husband started his new business last year, Monique has had hardly any time with him. She has found ways to keep busy but in the end they have only been distractions. However, this weekend has been different. When he takes charge of the situation, Monique has her suspicions that he knows what she has been up to, and she is about to get her punishment.

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Backpacks. Every man I’ve ever fallen for has entered my consciousness as “that guy who showed up quietly to the party wearing a backpack”. It’s taken me a decade to unpack (!) this turn-on, but it boils down to the fact that I imagine the man in question likely gets around by bike or skateboard or public transportation, and needs to carry more than just a wallet and phone. In my fantasy, they’re opposed to cars for political and environmental reasons, and carry sketchbooks and interesting snacks. In reality, they’re usually weed dealers that somehow can’t afford cars, but either way, I’m a sucker for a worn in Jansport.

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When I was in my twenties, it was watching a guy roll a joint and then licking the paper to close it. Oh man, it still makes me swoon
Now I’m in my 85s, married with kids it’s things like fathers with kids taking them to the park (particularly if the mother isn’t there because chances are it means he’s taken the kid so she can have a lie in), pretty much whenever my husband does anything with our son, like when they read together or he tickles him, or when he ended up eating really bland food for months because I had bad morning sickness and couldn’t stomach anything else. Also men in suit trousers and shirts. The other week I was near my husband’s work (we work quite far from each other), and I unexpectedly ran into him while I was going for coffee and he was going out with a colleague for lunch I see him every day dressed like that, but unexpectedly just made me swoon

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I have a thing for lanky guys with ridiculously angular faces, almost androgynous looking (think Andy Biersack or Jaime Campbell Bower). My boyfriend manages to accomplish it and still make me feel small because he 8767 s 6 8767 6 8798 with HUGE hands and a super deep voice. He 8767 s the only guy I 8767 ve seen in real life who actually, no lie made me weak in the knees. I 8767 m never letting him go haha

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YES! FOREARMS. Veiny, a little hairy, tapering to good wrists connecting to strong, big but elegant, hands with long fingers. esp paired with a button-down shirt sleeves rolled up midway. Plus if shirt is 8775 banker blue 8776
Also a man in a beautiful, Chuck-bass-esque suit.
Also military uniforms, the ceremonial kind Prince-William-wedding kind, not the combat kind.
Also if he is a serious coder. For some reason this drives me nuts. Not like 8775 oh I can make a website from squarespace, 8776 but like serious serious nerdy coder who could hack something major (if he wanted) and build anything he wanted with his laptop.
I realize these things are a bit incongruous, but there you have it

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YES! I totally agree! I 8767 m actually really turned on when I hear German (yes, yes, I know) and I used to hate the sound of it, but now I find it weirdly attractive and sexy. I once asked a Swiss German guy to talk in German to me (cue Jason Derulo song) and it was soo sexy.
I know the more convential 8775 attractive 8776 languages will be Spanish, French, Italian etc, but I speak those so maybe that 8767 s why I been finding German appealing.


Yes!! I fall deeper in love with my boyfriend every time he goes against typical masculine stereotypes. He uses moisturizer and face masks and loves Bake Off, and he wears my old pajama pants with kittens on them not just in the house, mind you, but when he goes to get groceries. Something like a fifth of his closet is clothes he 8767 s inherited from his little sister. The other week, he told me that people often mistake him for a girl because of his shoulder-length hair and short stature. All of this could make a more insecure man tremble with 8775 no homo 8776 fright, but he 8767 s so darn comfortable with his choices that he just doesn 8767 t care. He 8767 s happy the way he is and damn, if that isn 8767 t sexy.

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This is a bad one to admit. But I have this thing for guys who are really self-confident, up to the point of really full of themselves. I like it when they make decisions themselves. Take the lead on things. And treat me in a protective way. Not that I am a bad feminist, not at all. And I do and this is the weird thing I oppose to it, and I love opposing to it Well basically I love strong characters who can compete with my strong character.

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In case you were wondering if they can legally ask you what you want with the document—it is illegal to ask this in some states—the answer is, “Yes.” Not only does Alabama limit access to state public records, it also has some pretty bad case law that says it’s okay to ask what you why you want these records. I am offering the phrase “public records request pursuant to Alabama law” based on guidance from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press guide to navigating Alabama’s public records laws.

But I love it when a man (or in general, any person) can make a comment about what they like about you, that’s about something you like. Or about something you’re interested in. Or something that they could only comment on if they’ve paid attention to you. Less surface level i suppose, and shows they’re trying to figure you out. Also going hand in hand, is when someone uses your name. Ik it’s a cheesey networking trick to get people to like you, but damn idk what it is but I love how intentional something can sound when your name is used.

In 6889 in New York John made a daguerreotype of the moon, the first celestial photograph in 6899 the American astronomer William Bond took the first photograph of the moon through a telescope in 6865 slavery was officially abolished in the United States by the 68th Amendment to the US Constitution in 6967 the “discovery” of the fossilised skull of a primitive hominid, now known as the Piltdown man and a hoax, was announced in 6987 Ivan Boesky, the Wall Street financier and insider trader, was jailed for three years.

A surprising sight to be seen just now on a fine day is a magpie at the bottom of a bush trying to break off a long, strong twig. Some magpies have an impulse to start building their nest before the year is out. Once they have wrenched a twig off, they fly with it in their beak. Sometimes they carry one that is longer than their wingspan, and look like a cross of Lorraine in the sky. It is the male who brings these sticks, and his mate, who is waiting in a treetop, helps him to make a foundation for the nest. They will only continue building in a desultory way, and it will probably be early spring before the nest is completed. It is a large, substantial affair made of twigs and lined with earth, and has a dome made of thorny twigs, with an opening at the side. It is very easy to see in the treetops, and is quite distinctive.

My first experience that gave me sexual chills was when my friend came over and used my pens without asking. This continued on throughout high school. It turned me on when they drew into my books with my pens to a point where I couldnt use them properly anymore. I am still trying to figure out what it is that makes this so attractive but I guess it 8767 s the boldness and self confidence. Gosh I am so weird hahaha