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Don 8767 t mail his things. DONT! move on. There 8767 s no point in waiting on him to respond to anything. Sorry to be blunt but he does not care. And there 8767 s no reason for you to waste your heart or energy on someone who does not do the same. I have been there, caring for someone and trying to be decent to them even though they were not decent to me. Bottom line if their things were that important, then they would make an effort to get them. NOT NOT NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! You deserve to be treated better. In fact, get rid of his things. They serve as a constant reminder of his horrible presence in your life. Run far far away from him, and say, good riddance to bad rubbish!

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And don 8767 t get me Started on #5. Totally true. Freedom isn 8767 t the freedom to have sex with anyone I want. Freedom is being able to stay up till 8am somedays and watch TV. Go to the Gym at 66pm, Decide I want to go skiing with the guys on a long-weekend, Go to a friend 8767 s house and Watch UFC with the guys Freedom to look at woman without having to be covert or risk getting yelled at freedom to NOT clean the bathroom because screw it I can deal with it for a few more days or weeks Freedom to to play that video game when I should probably have gone out to get groceries ooppss. no food for dinner. Go out for Sushi then finish it off with KFC.

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Hi Mirror:) just wondering if you have personally ever had to deal with rejection and if so how did you do so and come out of it with your confidence intact or even better than before?
im really struggling with that right now. I feel im totally back at square one as far as my self esteem goes or lack Ive really been feeling bad about myself and questioning myself and everything that is wrong with don t even have the motivation to take care of myself like I was before but as I mentioned im getting breast augmentation next month in the States. I feel like my fallout experience with the douchebag triggered some of my deepest insecurities. I m not doing it for any man but for myself and to feel better about my body but I hate feeling so insecure all the time. I feel like everyone is always staring at my imperfections.

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At the same time when you make your decision you need to take into consideration your baby, that is going to bring a lot of joy and adventure in your life if you allowed it, you are there for a ride. The baby deserves to be raise in an environment where he/she can develop his innate talents and attributes to contribute positively in life and be happy (Goleman, Emotional Intelligence” If the father is around and has the qualities , willing to learn to be a good father it would be the ideal situation.

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Help, I have a guy I have known for eve he looked me up in August and we went out to dinner had a great time. He lives 8 hours away. He text me every morning and every evening a quick good morning, have a good evening. Then he came down and spent labor day weekend we had a nice time I was busy with rodeo but still a nice time. Still nice texts. I went up that way twice once to deliver some goats and once to work. He cooked supper both times for us. Now still just texts. I really like this guy and he likes the same things as me. As old as I am and as few men as there are in my area do I call it quits or just enjoy the texts? THNKS

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Men and women. Women and men. We’re not that different, yet we can’t seem to figure each other out. Don’t despair – I have a little secret that is sure to perk you up: men – yes, those creatures who are so often the bane of our very existence, the ones who puzzle us and tear us apart inside, the ones that cause so much grief but always keep us coming back for more – are not all that difficult to understand. In fact, I think I have an easier time explaining why men do things than I do with women.

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I could have written your post. Same situation here. I 8767 ve been loyal to him for 7 years but I 8767 m lucky to see him once a month, sometimes it 8767 s months. But when I do it 8767 s usually beautiful and wonderful, but then he disappears. Guess he can 8767 t handle intimacy with a woman. I do most of the things suggested in this article, I give him space, no longer get upset about his poor correspondence and communication skills, and I 8767 m beautiful and intelligent while he lets himself go, and yet I still love him dearly and struggle to walk away, when other men would love a chance with me. This article doesn 8767 t do many women any favors, when the fact of the matter is a lot of men out there are selfish and live in the now, and you are there at their convenience only.

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Diane, you 8767 re not being selfish wanting to see him you 8767 re being smart. Like I said, when a man doesn 8767 t meet you or even talk on the phone, there is a reason. It 8767 s not because his mother is sick. And he doesn 8767 t live all that far away. I think you know intellectually that you 8767 re overlooking clear signs that something isn 8767 t right don 8767 t you? I hope you decide to move on to a man who actually shows up for you. Again, when a man is into you AND he 8767 s looking for the Real Deal he will move mountains to be with you. I wish you the very best, of course. Bp

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Well the guy I was with for a while decided he wanted to be just friends as we are great together and have a great time but he didn 8767 t see a long term future. So, we became friends and made good friends for 8months+ remained in regular contact and met up and hanged out etc then all of a sudden he just disappears -no warning at all Why? When I did hear from him he was horrible and nasty and said we were no longer friends but couldn 8767 t tell me why.

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I met a guy on POF and we spoke for about 85 minutes on the phone tonight. I then said I had to get off as I was expecting another call. He said he would like to talk again. He messaged me later on POF asking when we could talk again. I don 8767 t want to talk again. I want him to ask me out on a date, dinner actually. If not, I am not interested in a chat buddy. I have not responded to his message on POF. Do I say I 8767 d be interested in going on a date but am not interested in a phone buddy, or should I just not respond to his message?

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Hello! My boyfriend broke up with last November 69. Unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me on whatsapp. On November 77, he unblocked me on whatsapp and sent me a message saying I could find a nice man easily because I am beautiful. And wished me good luck. I thanked him for everything. He tried to cal me last November 78 but was not able to answer it. I returned his call but didn 8767 t answer. November 79, he asked how I am. Tried to call him but no answer. Same thing happened November 75-76. He 8767 d ask how I 8767 m doing. And at night id call him but won 8767 t answer my call. November 76 he asked me how I am and asked me if I 8767 ve found a nicer bf. I said why would I be looking for a new Ng or find a new bf? He said a nicer guy. I 8767 m confused. What does this mean? He still likes me and cares about me but I don 8767 t know where I stand because he wouldn 8767 t answer my call. Please enlighten me. Should I move on or wait till he 8767 s ready to talk to me and call me?

Thanks for writing such a great article really helpfull and informative 🙂
However, I have some questions. These days Im seeing a guy for almost 6-7 months, and he even has introduced me to his best friends. We have quite big age gap he 8767 s 68 years older than me. I felt real connection with him, but I found out he is texting the other girls often. And I 8767 m not sure who they are.

I started to chat to a guy from POF dating site a few weeks ago, we swapped numbers after a few days (I never give my number out!) and been texting everyday since then, arranged a date for this Friday and I 8767 ve not heard from him in days, texted him today asking what time suits him to meet up 7moro, being cheery even though I know something is up! no reply as of yet I wasn 8767 t even sure if I was ready for dating but I really like him and was excited to meet up, now I feel he has wasted my time for whatever reason. Do I just leave it be now and move on? I feel like everytime I let my guard down I just get let down 🙁

Believe it or not, this is a lesson that love and life tries to teach everyone and if you 8767 ll listen to what you 8767 re feelings are trying to show you, you 8767 ll end up in a better place than you 8767 ve ever been in your whole life. You need to listen to your feelings and let them be your guide. Follow what feels happy, fulfilling and puts you at ease. Drop all that feels intoxicating or bad. (By intoxicating I mean that it might feel irresistible to feed into in the moment, but you *always* regret it later it *always* makes things worse.)

I don 8767 t know enough to know if you 8767 re wasting your time, Laurie, but I DO know that you have some unrealistic expectations. You don 8767 t know what 8767 s been going on in his life, right? It 8767 s the holiday season and he could have a lot going on. You just met! If he is staying in touch and asking you out, go and get to know him a little. Sure it shouldn 8767 t be that long between forever, but have some patience. You never know what can turn out! Hugs, Bp

Mirror I wrote the message on May 85th, .

First thanks for your response. I guess a part of me suspected the conclusion you came to. But here s the still haven t heard back since my apology and in fact (hangs head in shame) I may have reached out 6am in the morning asking if we could chat.

Now he s just deleted me from Facebook which just shows me he has no intention of getting in touch or wanting to stay in touch.

How can I feel anything but s**t. Not only does this mean there s no possible hope of a reconciliation, I feel like I should never have given him a second chance after he disappeared the first time.

So, I m guessing I ll never hear from him again but how do I deal with the rejection? Because I feel rubbish. :(

Just wanted to say that this is a great site and I definitely appreciate everything you do for total strangers. I totally get that you don 8767 t have time to give every single woman a couple paragraphs of advice about her individual situation. However, if someone has a particularly interesting question or if you see a lot of women with similar questions, I 8767 d like to hope that you 8767 d use those questions as ideas for new blog posts.

This reminds me of my first boyfriend that he always broke up with me before Valentine 8767 s and Christmas,and New year, he thought it we got together this days it was too serious, it hurt at the time, it was not mean to be. Eventually we broke up completely. Six months is still an illusion, seems he is getting cold feet. keep on dating other men , be happy, before sex clarify that you want exclusivity and long term commitment if this is what you want. There are plenty of fish in the water.

no point in waiting around for him. it hurts but often we miss out on happiness because we 8767 re too busy looking at the pile of sad that we want back so desperately. even if things were great and it happened out of nowhere, realize this: he dumped you. he was willing to take the chance to let something go meaning it wasn 8767 t worth it to him to hold on. do yourself a favor and do the same. someone who just lets go for good does not see the value in you as worth it to keep. I wouldn 8767 t trust him. his behavior sounds confusing though i have no idea what he even said. still, move on you 8767 ll eventually be happy you did.

Lately, it really got into my nerves for his failed promise to stop soccer betting. He strongly believes that he has profound knowledge and analysis about it and is not willing to give up despite the numerous failure. He feels that this is his only way to make more money which i disagree. All i want him is to be practical enough and work hard through your own hands not the easy way out. Of course, he bet within his limits but i really dislike the behavior and mentality.

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