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Posted: 2017-12-04 12:21

Facebook banned from posting or commenting for 85 days for stating my anti-vaccine opinions. I also commented that according to the evidence I have researched, it appears that vaccines are targeting people of ** more than anyone else and that Big Pharma is just an extension of the Nazis and their Eugenics programs. Then the trolls started attacking me and calling me a racist, which I am definitely not.

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So I have a business that I post to Facebook Groups that are EXACTLY for that, posting your business in. My posts are very benign and not offensive at all. Constantly getting blocked from posting in them. There needs to be an alternative to FB. It has become just like Craigslist. If someone reports you and you are blocked you have no recourse. The appeal process is nothing but a joke. You will NOT get an answer back to your appeal because it never goes to an actual person for review!! No phone numbers to call just like Craigslist. A very, very poorly run site.

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To me, it’s clear that Pablo and Mehdi are not running this network by themselves. What we’re seeing is most likely several different interconnected networks that co-operate to attract a mutually beneficial audience. Another part of the network, based in northern France and Belgium, seems to run a slightly different scheme, using fake profiles to attract men towards Snapchat accounts. These accounts seem to be running a cyberprostitution ring. But that’s a story for another day.

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Facebook has been locking my account In order for me to show my ID. How many more times do I have to show them my ID? I have showed them about everything of me including pictures. What is wrong with them. I have showed them my ID about almost 75 times already. Today is November 66, 7567 and I am here waiting to regain my account back. My friends are waiting for me to get back up and running. This is not about buying. Is about being logged out for no reason. And I have gave them everything they need to authenticate my account. I don''t want a lawyer. I want my account back. For future experiences with Facebook with others this what Facebook does after you give your ID and then they give your account back whenever they want. This is very unfair.

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They keep deleting my Facebook account and ask me for my picture, name, date of birth and identity. I submitted but they did not accept. They are not letting me to access my Facebook account and associated pages. This is the third time they have done this. I have never posted my pictures on Facebook since it''s my crafts page. On the other hand, me and my friends kept reporting about a fake account which we know for sure is created by a blackmailer, mimicking my friend who never had a Facebook account. But Facebook did not block that page, saying that account does not violates Facebook rules. Wow! Seriously, if Facebook can ask me for my identity why not that fake account holder? I must say Facebook is supporting blackmailers and encourages illegal activities. I hate Facebook.

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Despite my first and last name being my GIVEN, LEGAL name, I''m in my account one minute and went to check my notifications and was out. My middle handle is not a name. The. Middle. Not the first or last. the middle. This is under the guise of enabling safety and ensuring my friends can reach me. I''ve had the same amount of friends for the last 8 years. AND MY ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE. People can''t find me any damn way. Facebook wants me to scan my . I was looking for a reason to take a break. Completely asinine.

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Special note to guys who are balding:
Stop trying to pretend it isn 8767 t happening. We know, you know it is no secret. So get over it. It also isn 8767 t a big deal. If you can embrace it, no one else will care. In Freakonomics , Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner reference a paper on online dating done by researchers at the University of Chicago and Duke University. The study found that balding men who shave their head and men with a full head of hair are contacted the same amount. While men who are trying to hide their balding are messaged significantly less. Translation: buy a fresh pack of razors and let 8767 s see that pretty scalp of yours.

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Are Mehdi and Pablo behind everything that goes on in the network, from A to Z? It would be impossible to tell. Perhaps the network “rents” its audience to fraudsters in exchange for a cut of the profits. Or maybe fraudsters have found out that the network’s posts are perfect hunting grounds. What we know, though, is that the entire process is in place, and it seems to be working well.

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Every time I''m try to log in on my Facebook it asks for my code or for two-factor authentication. I don''t have it and they don’t sending it to my phone. I made too many request and nothing help me to open my Facebook account. Trying to log on on Messenger but now I''m lock out because of many accounts created with the same numbers but I don''t intended to created many accounts. Facebook automatic send me accounts that don''t match my primary account, yes my name but no even my picture, but I still cannot log in on Facebook or Messenger. It is crazy and I''m thinking about leaving Facebook.

Since when in this country are people not entitled to their opinions? What''s going on is they have TROLLS working for NSA (right out of Edward''s ** playbook) that reporting people, and FB has robots working there, or Government TROLLS who monitor the complaints, and based on the number of TROLL complaints, they take people down who have done nothing wrong! They don''t even bother to read the comments they are censoring people. Or maybe they do, and FB just does not agree with certain opinions, so they censor people!

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LOL. What a complete joke of a supposed free speech platform. God forbid you have conservative views. You''ll be banned immediately. Idiot liberals keep reporting my legitimate account as fake and I have to submit a picture ID and wait sometimes WEEKS to get verified. Sometimes the verification never comes even though I LITERALLY UPLOAD A PICTURE OF MY FACE WITH MY DRIVERS LICENSE. I can''t even create a new account to stay in contact with my work contacts because Cuckerberg immediately ID blocks me. Facebook moderators and Mark Cuckerberg are all a bunch of intellectually lazy and ** people. Like honestly, complete ** running Facebook. They have also cost me money by keeping me blocked from communicating with potential work contacts. ** those ** running Facebook. Complete morons.

Now, it absolutely is possible to scam people on Facebook through tricking people into clicking on links other than the thing they think they''re clicking upon. This is called "clickjacking" if it sends web traffic elsewhere and, more insidiously, there''s the Facebook-specific " lifejacking " which can actually take control of your profile and post content to your wall, among other things. It''s worth being aware of this stuff.

There is a lot of spam that will appear on your wall. People will post the dumbest media, updates and gifts from applications. Don 8767 t be afraid to delete these posts or block those stupid applications. When someone comes to your page, do you really want them to see that the latest item on your wall was 8775 Heather has bought you a shot 8776 ? Or maybe you 8767 re tagged in a video from college that you never realized was recorded. You probably don 8767 t want that kind of media associated to you. If it is on your page, it should provide value.

Yeah, it''s that bad. I never actively used Facebook, but a friend of mine convinced me to register, and try to develop my business there too (I own a YouTube channel for music videos, uploaded daily). So after I posted 65 videos on a Business page I created, I got locked out for "suspicious activity." Let me just clarify that for a second. I don''t use a VPN. Confirmed my profile with a cell number. Using a freshly created Gmail account, confirmed. I also uploaded a real photo of me on my personal account.

They should know the difference between from sign-in location from me and hacker location you think!!! I am going to complain everywhere on internet and News Station until I get my account back. This not right!!! I have a new FB. If anyone wants to join my Complaint Group. Trying to get my point out about not get the help we need on FB. You can come join my FB group Sheila ** in Florida Or my other account at: **.

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I posted something to a family member''s page telling her to stay out my business and telling her stuff that she did that I didn''t like. So today I log into my page and see the post I posted to her page along with a message from Facebook talking about it was removed for "BULLYING". I don''t bully anyone, if she can''t stand words thrown at her she shouldn''t talk go around talking about people. I deactivated my account with a message that I didn''t appreciate them calling me a bully and that I plan to file a lawsuit against Facebook for slander.

Facebook recently took the extraordinarily ignorant measure to block me from posting my own gaming videos, citing that I had posted material belonging to someone else. There is absolutely no evidence they would provide me with that I committed such an offense after numerous requests, and they would not respond to demands to reinstate my uploading privileges. I filed a BBB complaint against them after filing 8 different requests for action. These videos were not political in nature, nor were they religious or activist related, they were gaming videos, nothing more. There was absolutely no reason why they could not have at least responded to my requests other than they do not find the matters of a single member important when they have billions more to hawk their advertising towards. I for one cannot wait for the next big thing in Social Media to come along so that Facebook can join the ranks of MySpace, MocoSpace and AOL.

I also used a network-detecting algorithm. This tool determines which profiles interact with each other more than with the rest of the network. The algorithm identifies these as subnetworks, and colours them in yellow and blue in this graphic. This could mean that what we’re seeing are different networks which cooperate by linking to each other’s profiles for publicity. It might also mean that these parts of the network are operated by different people or groups of people.

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