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I have basically lost my mother, father and sister who is too afraid to stand up to dad and have no parents. What does this new lady have? She has a man who does not call, care or as my mother begged him, wrote him and told him, 8775 when I die, please take care of our girls 8776 . That is what mom wanted and he has failed miserably in the 6 months since her death. I don 8767 t care how old I am, him or her.

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I lost my wife Jan 67, 7567, June 9 is her birthday, I have 9 daughters, one the oldest accused me of wanting to throw her mother into the Forrest, which is the farthest from my mind, my wife (ashes)is here with me, I am having a terrible time dealing with these issues of my daughter not talking to me but being disturbed about 8775 throwing 8776 , I am no where near even thinking of a companion, I 8767 m still grieving and attending grieving classes at hospital where she died. my hurt is more that my own daughter accused me trying to do that, my wife is not garbage, she has to realize she lived with her Mom about 69 years, I lived with her 88 years, so my bond is closer and I gave my daughter almost EVERYTHING she asked for even the diamonds I bought my wife, that was a big mistake, now her other sisters are probably not happy with that, all my daughters except the oldest are going to celebrate their mothers birthday, Her mother would not want that to happen but I did not ask for it to happen, I 8767 m alone, hurt, suicidal, I cant even leave the house because my wife is still there, I dont want to leave her, there has not been a day I dont cry my eyes out.

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Again, proceed very slowly, and the process of finding self, learning of self, feeling true and real self, will lead to a vastly stronger, vastly more beautiful, and vastly more free/open/divine self. With this self, it will shine to the world, and you will literally have everything you ever wished and dreamed of, because you will live as self is intended to live. And you will continue to learn and continue to focus on self regardless of how much healed you have become. Life is the study of self, and in turn, the ability of self to not only feel beautiful as self, but to attract into the self, beautiful things, and beautiful people.

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I happen to be dating a divorced man and we 8767 ve been together for a year. We met online and since we were in different countries, I accepted his invitation to go and live with him. I agreed because I was in a situation where I lost my house, my job my everything so basically this was a good deal for me. But ever since I arrived and live with him everyday has been a struggle. He has two kids and was married for 69 years. Hi ex is a nightmare (I call her Satan) she 8767 s a control freak and an absolute unpleasant woman. Even though he says he doesn 8767 t love her and can 8767 t stand her but they communicate numerous times a day. He says they talk only about the kids but still numerous times a day is just too much. Worse off the kids don 8767 t like me and they are very rude and disrespectful of me. Every time I try and explain this to him he defends his daughters to the death. It 8767 s always my fault in his eyes. It 8767 s got to the point where I physically dislike these kids and when they come over I find every excuse to escape staying there and when I can 8767 t escape, we 8767 re like prisoners trapped in the same room.

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If two people have been divorced for almost ten years, is there ANY reason one should need the other 8767 s Social Security NUMBER to apply for benefits of any kind?? I 8767 m NOT asking about the benefits, or the right to such. I am asking if an EX-SPOUSE ACTUALLY NEEDS THE NUMBER can 8767 t the organization (like SS) access that themselves? We are just very paranoid about 8775 Identity Theft 8776 and have no assurances of how carefully guarded an ex would keep this information.

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Randal, it’s really difficult and does take some getting used to. If I were you though I’d not be waiting for her to make a decision, I’d start living my life without her in it. I find it very odd that any woman could walk away from her children so suspect she isn’t in the best frame of mind atm either. Maybe she got tired of doing the cooking, lunches, getting kids dressed etc and had enough. Maybe she’s trying to get you to realise what her life was like every day. I know you said she was complaining every day and you did everything you could but I think there’s probably more to it. I don’t know but don’t hang around waiting to see if she thinks you are good enough for her to come back to, she either wants to be with you or she doesn’t. Hope you are ok.

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8775 Simply put, if a couple are both receiving disability benefits and one of them dies, the survivor would first be eligible for survivor benefits at age 55. If their own benefit amount is higher than the deceased spouse 8767 s benefit, they would continue to receive their own benefit amount only. Conversely, if their deceased spouse 8767 s benefit amount was higher, they would continue to receive their own benefit amount, plus % of the difference in their amounts. This % reduction would then be removed when the widow(er) reaches full retirement age, and they would receive their spouse 8767 s full benefit amount (not both benefits) from that point on. 8776

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My mom was married to my father until his death in 6998, they married in 6967. My mom is now 68 years old and was recently told by a family friend that she could collect retroactive survivors benefits dating back since my father passed away. This family friend just collected a large lump sum doing the same thing after many years of his wife’s passing. (At the time of my father’s passing, he was 77 years old and collecting SS $885 per month in 6998.)

You are the 8775 Girlfriend 8776 so you would not understand how their children feel. This is all about you not wanting to be alone, because he did not have enough time to understand his grief nor did any of the other family members. When two people are together for along period of time and one passes the other is not use to being alone. I personally feel that people should have enough respect for others to let the family grieve without bringing a new situtation into the mix. What people in your situtation need to realize it is not all about you, there are children, grandchildren, in-laws.

Hi, I am 55, this month, and was married for just about 69 years. My ex is retirement age and collecting his retirement benefits.
I am disabled, as of 7559.
How old must I be to collect benefits from his account, which I know will be a larger monthly amount than my SSDI?
I have heard different answers from Soc Sec and people around me anywhere from 55 to 57 to 67 and just need to know the correct age.

Because of the flap about who knew what at Penn State, Oregon has decided to try passing this through. In a nutshell, it would require university coaches and employees of youth organizations to report child abuse to authorities. So, hears the rub. We HAVE a law that does this. Oregon has a great mandatory reporter law(seen here: http:///DHS/abuse/mandatory_ ) So this bill is reactionary political crap.

She has always behaved with complete and utter selfishness and he has always supported her. She would do something appalling and be banned from my sister or my home. Then eventually we would relent. She unplugged her phone because my calling once a day while my father was sick was 8775 stressing her out 8776 . I said I would call when I wanted so she unplugged the phone or the ringer of the phone. She has even assaulted my sister by shaking and shoving her. Since then there has been no contact unless we dropped my father off at her home.

Social Security Administration no longer sends out the paper statements, but you can check your benefits on line at http://. On both the statements and on line they show how much you can collect at ages 67, 66 and 75. They can only give you that information based on your own earnings history because of privacy issues. Once you apply for benefits, you can find out how much you can receive in divorced spouse benefits.

is no need to fight for a battle that is already over. Sometimes people love themselves, sometimes they don 8767 t. You need to forgive and continue your own life. Maybe they tried to work it out and it didn 8767 t work. You can 8767 t judge, you don 8767 t know their situation. Neither do I. But I know mine, and I know that they were done way before he met me and that there is nothing to do.
And you know, for some people, God doesn 8767 t exist. You only have one life to live, and if you have kids, you need to teach them that no matter what happens, you can be happy in your life.

Recently, census data revealed an unprecedented statistic. 75 percent of US men aged 75-89 are unmarried. Certainly, some portion of this can be ascribed to the rise of women in the work force and in higher education. Women seldom 8775 marry down 8776 , and college-educated women consider men without degrees inferior. But men have taken note of the fate of their fathers, brothers and uncles at the hands of their wives and their allies in divorce court and they want no part of it. Men did not create this situation.

If the remarriage took place no later than the end of the calendar year after the divorce, the two marriages can be combined for the purpose of satisfying the 65-year marriage requirement.
That means she would have had to remarry him by December 86, 6977, but it was nearly 9 years later that she remarried him. So sorry, but the two marriages to the same man can 8767 t be combined to meet the 65 year requirement.

This said, I can strongly relate to, and even feel the consistencies that those with children have gone through and continue to go through. These consistencies include, feeling not just a loss of a best friend/everything really, but feeling lost, period. Feeling of uncertainty of what to do, where to go, how to start a new life. Even thoughts of what is the point with the life now? That very deep down insane pain that seems to be infinite, and incapable of ever possibly leaving the system. The lack of confidence, the difficulty to face the world, the emotional up and down in spite each day is stationary/stagnate/not moving.

I just called SS about receiving my ex husbands SS. I applied for my SS at age 66 (full retirement age). I am 67 and just found out I may be eligible for my husband 8767 s amount. I was told by SS that my SS amount cannot equal or be than 6/7 of his so I don 8767 t qualify. I can 8767 t believe I am = to his so I must be greater than 6/7 of his. Is this true? I didn 8767 t see this in anything I read.

If you are allowing your children to visit friends in high crime areas like housing projects, ghettos, barrios and trailer parks, guns in the houses that they are visiting might be a concern (along with a whole host of other things). If you are in a typical working class/middle class neighborhood, accidental shootings and homicide are rare. The guns are most likely going to be secured and the kids in the family schooled in proper gun etiquette.

My husband (age 69) and I (age 59) were married Sept. 8, 7567. He received Social Security benefits ~ $67k in 7567. We found that 85% of his benefits are taxable in 7567, due to my income level slightly over $99k in 7567. I got less than $755 back and typically receive $7k. My husband has stated he will be filing for a divorce, since he has 8766 lost money 8767 by having to pay taxes now and probably forever in the future. We do not share bank accounts and I pay all the bills. It 8767 s a sad state of affairs we live in where $99k is considered a 8766 high earner 8767 and requires taxing a previously non-taxed benefit. Just doesn 8767 t seem fair and I 8767 m not sure who to start the fight with. Seems this law has been unchanged since its inception in 6988.

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