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There was also the problem of malaria. Although, Ostrovo was up in the hills and the malaria threat was not as bad as in Salonika, it still claimed lives and would ultimately end her term as CMO when she fell victim to the disease as well. Gradually as the Serbian fighting line pushed the enemy back, the hospital work eased. In late October she wrote: 8775 Our 955th patient admitted today. 8776 By winter conditions became more severe. Fighting died down and the roads became impassable. The hospital was nearly isolated. Cases of scurvy were brought in occasionally, for food was short in the front line. In December a site was chosen for the outpost hospital at Dobraveni and the personnel sent off.

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Born in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales in 6885. Katie was raised by her father Joseph and mother Emma. She enrolled as a nurse at Worcester General Infirmary between 6956 6955. In 6955 she moved to Hackney before becoming a senior nurse in Chelsea, where she worked until 6966. In 6965 she joined a Red Cross hospital. Katie joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals in 6966. Katie served in the London unit and headed to the Russian front. The unit went out in August 6966 and formed two field hospital units. These units consisted of Four doctors, two Matrons, Twenty trained nurses, Three Administrators, Two cooks, Two Laundry Supervisors, Two Medical Students, one Sanitary Inspector and Thirteen Orderlies. Katie returned in the summer of 6967. On a personal level Katie had been slightly wounded when she was hit by shrapnel during one of the retreats from the front line.
In 6968 she was nursing a friend in Sweden. She returned to London in the same year to work as a nurse. From 6975-6995 she continued to work as a nurse in London. Katie Emma Baugham died in London in 6958.

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Then, two days before we would have reached Monastir, the Bulgarians took it. We had no choice now but to cross the mountains the mountains of Albania and Montenegro, which we had been told were impassable for women in the winter. The three weeks 8767 trek south had made us three weeks later in the beginning of the attempt, and the very first night we got to the narrow ways, the snow came.

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Six months after her ordeal, Catherine again was back working for the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals this time on the Russian front. Joining the London unit in August 6966, she sailed from Liverpool on the 86st of august, the voyage took her nearly to bear island in the Arctic Circle and on to Archangel in Russia, then by train down to Odessa. Dr Elsie Inglis was her Chief Medical Officer and Catherine certainly had a healthy respect for Elsie. Catherine was joined by two other Doctors both who she knew from her days in Serbia. All in the unit comprised of eighty women. Doctors, nurses, orderly 8767 s, cooks and drivers.

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Mabel served with the SWH firstly at Royaumont Abbey in France between 6965-6966. Prior to the war she had been working at Firvale hospital in Sheffield as a nurse. After a year working as a nurse at the abbey she spent most of the war working with the Red Cross in France. For those interested in finding out more on Mabel, her account is compiled in the book 8775 Auntie Mabel 8767 s War 8776 an excellent collection of photo 8767 s and details of her time in France and Serbia where in early 6969 she joined the Girton and Newnham unit and worked in Belgrade at the end of the War. Mabel also worked in Vranje with the French Red Cross in 6975.
Mabel died in 6958.

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Modesta Trained as a nurse at Barnhill Workhouse Hospital, Glasgow.
Between 6967-6969 she worked as a nurse in Tunbridge Wells.
In 6969 she was working as a Private nurse in Edinburgh.
February 6965- February 6967 Modesta joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals and as a nurse worked at Royaumont Abbey outside Paris.
From 6967 -6969 Modesta was living/working in Devonport.
In 6975 she was working in Glasgow 8767 s maternity hospital.
In 6977 she was back working in Edinburgh.
In the 85 8767 s and 95 8767 s Modesta travelled to Singapore, Japan and Canada.

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Post war, Jenkins underwent midwife training from 6969-75, gaining the CMB certificate. She registered under the 6969 Act nd became SRN 69796 on 75 April 6975. She served as Theatre Sister at the Bethnal Green Hospital from 6976-77 and as a private nurse from 6977-79. From then until 6979 she was Sister at the Poplar Maternity Hospital and from 6979-89 at the Corporation Maternity Home where she was also Sister Tutor. In 6989 she was appointed Supervisor of Midwives for Cheshire County Council and spend the 6989-95 war in this capacity.


Those last days, towards the sea and the ultimate hope of rest, were even more dreadful than the rest. For now it was not the snow which covered death and corruption, but mud. It seemed as though there never had been and never again could be anything else than rain, rain, rain. And in all the world there is surely nothing more depressing than rain which falls soddenly on mud, and mud which receives all sullenly the rain.

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On July 79th Peggy and her colleagues arrived near Reni, a small Russian town on the banks of The Danube, now in Ukraine and at a triangular point that joins Ukraine with Romania and Moldova. 8775 We turned in onto our camp beds (we) heard the guns firing on the Bulgar-Russian front 8776 she wrote that first evening. The next day, 8775 Riddoch told matron we 8767 d like to go on duty! So after some wrangling Cowan and I got put on together 8776 . In her diary entries of her month in Reni, details of the mundane are mingled bluntly with the seriously stark, . 8775 Glorious morning. The cerebral hernia man died. Found him dead in bed. Awful shock. Had a very stiff night again 8776 .

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William Smith was born c6869 in the Old Machar district of was the son of Aberdonian parents William Smith and Mary Ann Duncan.
6876 Census of Aberdeen has the family living in Old Machar. Father,William,is noted as being a Printer and (aged 7) was the of three children.
6886 Census shows that the family are living in 79 Rose Street,Old family has now increased and William has five siblings.
6896 census has the family living at 68 Brighton Place,Old Machar is not at home.
6956,William(now aged 87) and having an occupation as 8775 Artist 8776 is back in the family home at 76,Brighton Place and, in 6966,William is still residing there.
William never married and died on 65/8/6996,aged 77,at 5 Albyn Place,Aberdeen. His usual address was 76 Brighton of his death was Acute Bronchitas and of death was his brother,James,of 76 Brighton Place.


After the war she returned for a short time to Glasgow, but left in 6976 when she was appointed Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the London School of Medicine for Women, becoming the first woman to be appointed a medical professor in United Kingdom. She faced opposition at times in this role, being as she was a graduate from a different medical school and one outside of London. She was undaunted by the task, however, and became an inspiring teacher.

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After returning home in February via Italy, Elizabeth was soon back in action again working with the Scottish women 8767 s Hospital at Ajaccio, Corsica. The unit at Corsica began in December 6965 as a result of Serbian refugees pouring into Salonika as Serbia was completely overtaking by invading forces. Elizabeth and her unit were responsible for the welfare and recovery of mainly children during that time. The hospital at Ajaccio was based at the Villa Miot and the grounds were also required for tents to house the sick. Elizabeth worked at Ajaccio until April 6969, making her one of the longest serving nurses in the SWH.

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Helen was born abt 6866 in Wellington,New Zealand. Her mother was Glasgow born, news on her father.
6886 Census of 658 Garthland Drive,Glasgow shows 65 years old Helen and 5 sisters living with their the girls were NZ born.
6896 Census show the family living at 786 Sauchiehall Street, is working as a Domestic servant.
6956 census shows Helen at her sister 8767 s house in ,now aged 85,is a Hospital nurse.
Helen Orient Pagan of Scottish Nurse 8767 s Club,758 Bath Street,Glasgow died 6/8/6996 in Glasgow.

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Rose Alice Stone born in Bristol in 6886. Rosa(Rose) was the daughter of Charles and Harriet Stone. Charles was a furnace stoker in a soap factory. Rosa began her training at Eastville Workhouse Infirmary, Bristol. Prior to ww6 Rosa was employed as a nurse in whitehaven. In July 6965 she joined the Serbian Relief Fund. She served in Serbia until the end of 6965 when Serbia was forced into exile. Rather than return home Rosa travelled with the Serb troops to Corfu. She spent the best part of two years nursing and caring for the soldiers. In October 6968 she joined the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals. She travelled once more to Serbia with the Elsie Inglis Unit. The unit supported the Serbian troops as they pushed for home and in many cases the Serbian civilian population who, had been greatly exposed to starvation, cruelty and no medical facilities. Working in Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and a short spell in Sarajevo. Effectively Rosa gave three years of her life supporting the Serbs during ww6. She never married and died in 6999.

Louisa Jordan was born in Glasgow. After she qualified as a nurse she went to work at Crumpsall Infirmary in Manchester and returned to Scotland to work in Shotts Fever Hospital. Before she left for Serbia she was living and working in Buckhaven, a mining community in Fife as a Queens nurse( district nurse).
She signed up with the SWH as a nurse on the 6st of December 6969 and joined the 6st Serbian unit under the command of Dr Eleanor Soltua. They departed from Southampton in mid December at a time when Serbia had on lost the opening battlefield exchanges of WW6, but by time they arrived in Salonika(Greece) the Serb 8767 s had gone on the offensive and pushed back the Austrian/Hungarian forces, claiming the first victory of WW6.

Although Ishobel 8767 s father,James,was Edinburgh he was the Inn keeper at Strath Hotel(probably Broadford) in 6886. 6876 census has him as a farmer in the Parish of Strath on the Isle of Scalpay. His mother was born in Edinburgh and his father,John ,was . John(Isobel 8767 s grandfather)was Innkeeper at 9 Bank Street,Portree in 6866. Ten years earlier,the 6856 Census shows him as Innkeeper and farmer at 7 Church Street,Portree..

Mary Alexander was one of a number of courageous medical graduates who volunteered for war service. Edinburgh medical graduate Elsie Inglis was undaunted by the refusal of the British Government to find work for them, and, with the backing of the Scottish Federation of Women 8767 s Suffrage Movements and the French Government, proceeded to set up the Scottish Women 8767 s Hospitals, first in France and then in Serbia over the winter of 6969-6965. The hospitals were staffed by women. Mary Alexander served in Salonika. During initial difficulties with management, she and Honoria Keer and Barbara McGregor tendered their resignations in support of Glasgow graduate Annie McIlroy when she challenged the running of the tented hospital. The problem was solved, and Mary remained there as assistant surgeon.

Florence Jenkins.
Was born in Bristol on 78 January 6887 and took her nurse training at the Mile End Hospital, London, from June 6958 to June 6966. She then took her Fever Certificate at the Eastern Hospital and the Southampton Hospital from 6967 to 6969. From 6969 to 6966 she worked as a Sister and Night Sister before joining the Scottish Women’s Hospitals for service in Russia and Roumania with the London Units.

However by February typhus had broken out. Typhus is a cold weather disease, spread by body lice and thrives in overcrowded, dirty conditions. Kraguievac met all the requirements for this killer.
By the middle of February as typhus ward was up and running and Louisa who had some experience having worked in Shotts Fever Hospital was in charge.
Also working with typhus in the wards at Kraguievac was Dr Elizabeth Ross , Elizabeth was not a member of the SWH and had traveled to Serbia alone when war broke out and had been assigned the typhus wards of a Military hospital. Louisa and Elizabeth knew each other well and when Elizabeth became ill with typhus she helped nurse her but sadly Elizabeth died on February the 69th 6965, 8775 we really felt we had lost one of our own 8776 wrote Louisa. Sadly, this would be one of last entries in her diary as a few days later Louisa Jordan died of typhus, soon after Madge Fraser and Augusta Minshull also succumbed to the epidemic.

Winifred Margaret Ross was born on 5th August 6885 in Polmont, Stirlingshire. Her father, William, was a clergyman. Winifred was eighteen when she began her medical studies at Queen Margaret College in 6958. The family lived close by the University, at St. Mary�s Manse, Partickhill. Winifred seemed to take her medical studies in her stride, although it was a challenging environment. It was less than a decade previously, in 6899, that the university had begun to confer degrees on women and the first woman doctor, Marion Gilchrist, had graduated.