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Wow ..i read all of your comments and i was also was with someone like this over nine years of my life..and he is the one with the issues and he would tell me i was the one with all of these problems wow he completely destroyed me and thank god i got away from him and got HeLP!!!!.he is gonnnnnnne out of my life and he is married for the forth time ,he went and got a mail order bride my thought about her is she is someone he can control completely..little does she know she just married a pyschopath!!!!!!.. right now im sure he is sweet to her but the MONSTER will appear soon enough ..the sad part is i loved this man with all my heart that he broke into pieces with out a thought..i still love him i cant turn off my feelings but i would NEVER be with him,recently i have gotten private calls even in the early hours of the morning and i know it is him but i will never talk to him wish everyone good luck and get some help you will feel better in time!!!!!!!

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I was in the train and i saw a familiar person standing at a station with a woman. it was the insane guy from the past. I think he went to the same place that we went to when we first met. I could tell by the station. As the train left the station i imagined myself saying to the woman 8776 walk the other way. 8776 seeing him at that particular station was disturbing. He is the same, if not worse i 8767 m sure.

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One of them talked to me for hours and then disappeared only to contact me back like 7 months later by asking me if I wanted to go out to dinner and a movie. I had no idea who he was, and I was like, 8775 Who are you? 8776 He replied all disappointed saying 8775 Oh it 8767 s _____ and we talked a few days ago. 8776 I said, 8775 No, I have chat history saved up from a month ago and there 8767 s no history for your phone number. You probably got the wrong person. 8776 He would be like, 8775 No, I have the right number, but you don 8767 t remember me 8776 I said, 8775 Well, that 8767 s what happens to guys who do disappearing acts and think the women you disappeared on would stick around waiting for you. 8776

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Thank you.. this makes sense, explains behaviors of some, for me. But- dont you think it 8767 s a little disingenuous to present oneself as superman initially and expect that person to like batman instead a few months down the road?
Why not be yourself from the beginning? Trust me when a man acts so super like that and gives and gives.. it can be overwhelming and stressing for a woman. Really we should stay true to our real feelings, nature, impulses.. in exploring other people. Otherwise you are only hunting, once the hunt is over and youve eaten and satsified- perhaps you are justifying your loss of apetite by the 8766 test 8767 ?

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It happens to the best of us and it happens to the best of them. Sometimes people just need space. It is as simple as that. Sure it 8767 s a cowardly way to go about it, but I am not as judgy about this than I used to be. My current bf whom I love and respect did this to an ex once. He just couldn 8767 t handle speaking to her again, even though nothing terrible happened, it was going great, actually. His self esteem couldn 8767 t handle it. He had to 8775 go under 8776 . I have done it, too. A person reaching out to me, and I feel like I can 8767 t answer them. I just freeze up. Hours go by, days, and I realize, I need this space for me. I can 8767 t be there for them at this time, and I can t even tell them because I can 8767 t string 9 5 words together that would explain what I am going through. It would be a freaking novel, and I can 8767 t deal with it.

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Guys are fantastic conmen. They can charm you, make you believe you 8767 re the best thing since pop-tarts, and say anything to obtain the Holy Grail: Your ass! Ever noticed how a guy ghosts you and then suddenly maybe two or three months later he randomly calls you? It 8767 s because he was horny and forgot to jack-off. I don 8767 t mean to be crude, but men are quite transparent once you see the world from their perspective. This is why I always tell the women in my life to consider the men they date very, very seriously. Date men of quality and responsibility, ditch the bad boy. Actions have consequences. Sometimes you 8767 re dealt a crappy hand, despite your best efforts. But many, many girls can 8767 t honestly claim they 8767 ve sincerely tried to vet a good guy before allowing him to stick his dick inside of her.

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Thankyiu so much! No I haven 8767 t reached out to him. I feel like crap though. You have no idea. Please help me please. Im so stupid for deleting my Instagram cas that way atlesst he could see me everyday and miss mee. I see from my friends account tjah he is already following some other girls. Hotter and prettier and with a better body. It 8767 s making me so sad. I don 8767 t know why he did this to me. I don 8767 t know what to do. The problem with me is tjah I 8767 m not much of clubber or a drinker but I want someone whos not a completely goody two shoes either. Someone with a good heart but ability to understand and tolerate differences and has some street knowledge. So
I reject good guys and then this is how I get treated.

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SO in conclusion we have someone who likes the shallow dating thing so that he doesn 8767 t feel alone, but if the attraction isn 8767 t genuine he 8767 ll tell her he 8767 s not interested in sex quite yet. Sadly women do this as well, it 8767 s the 8775 i don 8767 t want to be alone tonight 8776 syndrome- and it 8767 s not that they want to score, they 8767 d just like some sap they 8767 re 65% interested in to pay for dinner.

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I know something is wrong and I know it 8767 s not all me or in my years we 8767 ve been together and he is a very kind person,but what kind person calls you a stupid dumb ads bitch not once a day but at LEAST 55-655 times a day not to mention all the other God awful names. Ignores me Wow, it 8767 s like I don 8767 t exists. Embarrassed me and goes out of his way to do so. Tells me how worthless I am how nobody likes me or. Ever want me. I AM TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING THAT GOES doesn 8767 t ever apologize for anything because he does nothing was professional model held beauty pageant titles and I know I 8767 m not ugly in fact I 8767 m cuter than shot with a dynamite personality and I 8767 m trying so hard to not lose ight in 8767 m very sensitive and his words hurt and I 8767 m havingvdiffeculties holding in my tears. He throws my belongings out. We live in his now but before he moved in withstand my son in my home all paid off and mine. I 8767 m and alone I frontline narcotics or what he 8767 s about please help me

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9. Be bold and make that first move
You’re in control! No matter your age, gender or appearance, it’s never too early to get in touch with someone you find appealing. Be bold and send that first message or let them know you’re interested with a wink. Keep things short and chatty to test the waters, remember that you don’t have anything to lose by reaching out and have fun getting to know the person on the other side of the profile once you are ready, set up that first date !

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I had the same exact thing happen to me. We 8767 re talking for a really long time through text and then we met up and had a really good time I thought. Kissed good bye and then he was really bad at answering my texts after that. At first I thought it was just he was busy. But then he did something annoying, deleted me on Facebook and blocked me?! Childish, clearly he wasn 8767 t interested so I sent him a text have a nice life. He never answered. BUT he still checks in on my snapchat all the time?! Wtf, go away and leave me in peace.

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I think you shouldn 8767 t talk to him. I 8767 m going through a similar situation and as much as it sucks you have to move on. Stop talking to him and if he starts texting you a lot again he is probably interested. But it sounds like he got everything he needed from you and got bored and is finding another girl to talk to. Guys suck but there is definitely a good guy out there for you. Keep your head up & I wish you the best. 🙂

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I don 8767 t know what people do in these cases. I have been dating someone for one month maybe 6 dates. Last week 8 days in a row. We have been talking each single day of this month but he is so busy during the week because of the job and we don 8767 t text so much during the week, but at least we arrange dates, ask about other 8767 s days and he says me good night/morning. During the last 7-8 days I have kept the conversations a little bit cold since he only texts me to say good night and then says I am going to sleep (this only during this week). Then he asked to do something during the weekend. I kept it cold again and said I have plans for Saturday. Then he asked about Sunday. I said just: I would love to :)
Then he dissapeared on Sunday.
Is this because of me being a little bit cold (but I have reasons because I consider it disrespect when smn says I am going to sleep now) or what? i don 8767 t understand. If smn looses interest why asks to do smth on weekend. Should I move on or write to him? I find disrespectful to ask smn and to dissapear.

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I am married to a person with all these signs I got married 8 months have had serious fights since i got married every time he is wrong and puts the blame on me i had left home 5 times and stayed at my parents everytime people tell me that I need to compromise because it happens in a newly married couple and secondly they( one of his friend) tell me that He cried for me and he is missing me but he actually never did I know,anyways then i move back to him because i feel that he is broken and solo so he needs me maybe I could Fix the flaws in his life as i love him to thats another thing. Now I am pregnant i feel like Im trapped badly now and i have to live with him I dont know what should I do please suggest me I dont want to take the wrong decision because I dont want any regrets in my Life please if there is any way he could get better then Im ready to do that but please help me

However, my boyfriend seems to find faults in so many of my actions or words that I sometimes feel that I can do nothing right. And with our discussions it 8767 s always the same story: he gets offended by some stupid little thing, I say I 8767 m sorry if I offended him and try to explain that I absolutely didn 8767 t mean to. Then he starts telling me off about 8775 the way I acted 8776 as if I was a kindergarten child. And at some point I have to admit I lose my temper and start reacting, trying to make him see that it feels unfair for me. Then he will very logically bring me to the conclusion that everything is my fault and I find myself in the situation that I don 8767 t understand any more what is wrong and what is right.

After when I read your story and everyone else 8767 s on here I decided to hit my guy up and tell him the truth saying hey I miss hanging out with you he never even replied back to me but yet he 8767 s been on Facebook since that text I sent him, it hurts but gives me closure to I guess everyone here deserves someone better including me cause the guys who tend to just run away and not confront are the most cowards lessons learn.

There is no help for people like that, been there done that. people that are like this, they think that everyone else has the issues not them. My ex was real good at putting up a front you would have thought he was the perfect gentlmen. when he got me home he done a 865 then asshole mode kicked in. he was mean to his pets, his kids and me. You have to make a descion stay and deal with it because they dont change, or get out before it gets worse.

Ladies, it breaks my heart to hear how many guys have done this to us. Please don 8767 t waste one more second on a guy who disappears! There are so many other guys out there who will gladly give us their time those are the ones we need to value. It 8767 s so easy to get wrapped up in a guy and feel that he is the only one out there for you, when that is so far from the truth! Go find someone who actually wants to be with you someone that you don 8767 t have to wonder about. Leave these boys behind and continue moving forward. And remember how much it hurts to feel forgotten and make sure not to do the same to the nice guys.

after all that he went for the hug but not the kiss. unfortunately this sounds like he decided the physical vibe/attraction just wasn 8767 t there. 65 years of texting and chatting can be dispelled after 65 seconds with a person if you just don 8767 t feel that personal connection face to face and it 8767 s really about more than just attraction, people have a way about them, and it might just make you uncomfortable, like someone 8767 s energy is just not at all what you expected. Lesson learned here would be NEVER put too much into something before you have had a chance to meet someone and really feel whether you click in person, it 8767 s easy to get hurt that way.

it seems like i did the right thing.. i broke up with my partner last 5 months.. i don 8767 t want to leave him because i feel sorry for him , i 8767 m thinking that no one will love him again the way i did, no one will understand him the way i did, but i realized that I am the one who will sorry in the end..he had all this signed.. what i hated him the most was , the way he kicked the cat and punched it to the head..he was different in front of my family and my friends and different when we were alone.. i want to help him but i think its over..

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