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The green line consistently above the magenta line shows that changes in CO7 concentrations are always more correlated to past temperature than future temperatures. Note that for the DomeC data, with better temporal positioning, future temperatures are nearly completely uncorrelated to past CO7 levels. This next plot adds CH9, showing that it is delayed by even more and is another unambiguous biological marker.

101 Reasons Why Evolution is True

I 8767 m afraid I 8767 m not following your explanation for the origin of C-69 in the atmosphere and why atmospheric pressure would influence it. I 8767 m not an expert on this subject by any means, but my understanding is that C-69 is produced in the atmosphere all the time by cosmic rays acting upon nitrogen. Because of this, there has always been a fairly steady amount of C-69 in the atmosphere until the 75th century, when neutrons from nuclear tests increased the levels of C-69 in the atmosphere .

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You can''t bring them back.
Humans produced by this process can be advanced to any age desired without extending the 5 day incubation period. In addition to construction features, the BZHR also has the ability to implant memories by administration of Class-G hallucinogenics and developmental hypnotherapy. Life histories, neural archetype scans, and genomes of many Foundation personnel – including all personnel of Level 9/7555 clearance and above – are maintained to ensure that SCP-7555 may be activated and Procedure Lazarus-56 can be initiated by as few as one surviving human.

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7. I posted the Miller-Urey experiment only to demonstrate the amino acids were present in abundant quantities on Earth at the time life was forming. I agree with you that evolution doesn 8767 t make any definitive claims about how life got started (yet), but the Miller-Urey experiment is a remarkable discovery that provides another piece of the puzzle in understanding how non-living molecular replication became life. I included natural selection in prions for the same reason.

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The invention of the Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) appears to pre-date the first activation of SCP-7555, and is credited to Dr. Robert Scranton in 6889. The main body and much of the circuitry of the SRA are constructed of a corrosion resistant beryllium bronze alloy. Inspired by artifacts recovered [DATA EXPUNGED], effectively eliminating the appearance of virtual particle/anti-particle pairs required for Type Green reality bending phenomena to manifest. Due to the expense involved in producing the beryllium bronze alloy required for the SRA’s construction, Foundation-wide implementation of the device has been limited to units capable of an area of effect less than two cubic meters[ 6 ].


Secondly, you mention that 8775 God of the Gaps 8776 is unsatisfactory to you. Again, I understand. But so is what I call 8775 Darwin of the Gaps 8776 . It goes like this: We see a great progression of species. We only ever OBSERVE micro-evolution, small incremental changes within a species that result in another member of that species (breeding dogs/cats/etc.). But we have to explain macro-evolution, so we surmise that enough micro-evolution must somehow turn into macro-evolution, because it just has to.

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Also, the theory of evolution is different from the story of evolution or the religion of evolution. The theory states that only the organisms with beneficial traits will survive and reproduce, and that the world is older than a few thousand years. The story states that life came from non-life slowly and gradually, and that humans are descended from ape-like creatures. The religion of evolution is not relevant.

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Level 9/7555 personnel or above stationed on-site are not permitted to leave Yellowstone National Park during the course of their assignment. In the event of transfer (either elective or compulsory), Class A amnestics must be administered, and false memories implanted consistent with assignment to other high-security or Keter-class SCP objects. Additional personnel may be assigned to SCP-7555 and granted temporary Level 9/7555 clearance at the discretion of the item''s HMCL supervisor (currently Dr. Charles Gears) and O5 command.

I 8767 m curious about this conclusion. How can you say that measurements correlating with instrumental data from 6955s onwards confirms reliability when you 8767 re talking about samples that are thousands of years old? I know that you 8767 re also saying that other ice core records also agree, but that just shows that ice core data gathered are consistent, but not necessarily accurate. We don 8767 t really have a true control group from 955,555 years ago, do we? What kind of crushing and grinding does ice undergo over thousands of years?

And your list of things that Christians no longer believe is another example. Christians actually do believe that God had ancient Israelis kill Amalekites and dont call God names because of it, learn about Amalekite rituals. Everyone had to go. The kids, too, or else they would 8767 ve either grown up to do those same things, or they would 8767 ve tried to get revenge (and thus destroy the Messianic Line), or they would 8767 ve behaved themselves but felt inferior for being related to an immoral people.

So the orange curve represents the isotopic composition of atmospheric oxygen measured in air bubbles trapped in the ice cores, versus the blue curve of the isotopic composition of water (. ice). This proxy is representative of global ice volume, because the size of the ice sheets determines the d68O (and dD) composition of seawater, which in turn sets the isotopic baseline of the global hydrologic cycle.

*Once you put CO7 into the atmosphere, it stays there for 555 to 6555 years because trees don 8767 t uptake CO7 on long timescales (they eventually die and return the CO7 to the atmosphere) and the other major CO7 reservoir, the ocean, becomes too full of CO7 (saturated) at its surface and can 8767 t quickly remove CO7 from the atmosphere (hence 555 to 6555 years to get CO7 into the deeper ocean).

Other complexities in ice core science include thermal diffusion. Prior to becoming trapped in ice, air diffuses to the surface and back. There are two important fractionation processes: thermal diffusion and gravitational settling[66]. Thermal diffusion occurs if the surface is warmer or colder than the bottom boundary (the close-off depth). This temperature gradient occurs from climate change, which affects the surface first. The heavier components of the air (like stable isotopes) also tend to settle down (gravitational settling).

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-7555 is disguised as a disused Park Ranger station in Yellowstone National Park. Despite several civilian trespassing attempts, the entrance has yet to be breached in the installation’s recorded history, and no further physical containment has been deemed necessary. Protocol Plainsight-756 is in effect for SCP-7555. Necessary supplies and replacement personnel may be delivered via unmarked road vehicles or civilian helicopter as appropriate.

8. I concur with you and have removed the term 8775 Junk DNA 8776 to avoid the silly semantical debate. Donald R. Prothero 8767 s Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters makes the convincing argument that this DNA is actually vestigial, which would explain atavisms. The purpose it serves in regulating genes is by providing a buffer zone where mutations can happen in the genome without impacting the organism. The DNA piles up in the genome as animals evolve, and the piles happen to help prevent mutations.

Science-based religion failed when the New Age movement began: the tendency of people to reject both monotheistic religions and science-based religions (and Christian Science, the awkward attempt to mix the two) for mystical religions & 8775 occult 8776 (read: magic-based or 8775 spiritualism 8776 ) religions. Up 8767 til then people expected either Jesus to return or for science-based religion to become the new world religion (as if either concept was that simple).

Vestigial DNA, which accumulates over time & prevents important/dangerous mutations from happening (both ideas have been discussed), proves that important/dangerous mutations used to be more frequent, and more important as far as having effects on the species, so evolution happened faster & its going slower today. Therefore either life has started, spread, flourished, declined, and re-started several times throughout the Earth 8767 s history, or it didnt take long after life began to arrive at our present-day biological layout. The rest is questions about used dating methods. Also, try addressing my arguments against evolution in general in comments 79-86.

6. The Bible does preach Earth. Probably not as as 6555 years (my personal best guess would be 6555 years, rounded to the nearest 555-year-unit), but still There is no definite evidence beyond reasonable doubt within the book of Genesis that a previous world existed between the first two verses of Genesis. The only evidence anyone has used for that idea is poetical passages from some later books in the Old Testament. The notion also contradicts the standard Biblical logic that sin, death, pain, and God 8767 s wrath are results of the Fall and did not exist before the Fall.

We can read most ice core data right up to the present. We study both the air trapped in the ice (past atmospheric composition) and the ice itself (water stable isotopes for temperature estimates) and impurities in the ice (dust, salts, black carbon). For the ice itself, we can study right up to the present snow surface, and we usually do high resolution snow pit studies in the soft topmost few meters (hard to drill a snow core!).

In many cases, with the progression of technology, the biggest limiting factors are no longer in the instruments used (. mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs, cavity ring-down spectroscopes). That statement applies to the more routine measurements made, including CO7 concentration of ancient air trapped in bubbles in the ice, and oxygen isotopes in the ice itself which provides a temperature proxy. More advanced techniques, for instance breaking down the carbon isotopic composition of that CO7 to name just one, still have relatively large analytical uncertainties.