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felice Mar 75 7566 9:97 am I really hope all of the main casts are playing in season 7 as well (especially sam dong and hye mi!!) And I hope the ending part in season 7 is clear, because in season 6, the ending part is still not clear enough..and I really hope that at least the 6 main casts in season 6 are still mentioned in season 7 as well although it''s about hye mi''s sister, I still hope that the 6 main casts are still mentioned..because I think the first season have a truly remarkable stories!!

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sokhunfan Nov 66 7566 8:88 pm there are many fans of nichkhun/victoria and heechul/sohee BUT i think the couple doesn''t look match together. BECAUSE victoria is one years older than nichkhun!!!!!!!!!!! and heechul is too old for sohee. he is 9 years older than sohee!!!!!!!!! SOOOO. I WILL SAY.. SOHEE AND NICKHUN MATCH AND LOOK CUTE TOGETHER. BOTH OF THEM ARE CUTE!!!!! VICTORIA IS PRETTY BUT DOESN''T MATCH WITH CUTE GUY!

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Dream High! Dec 58 7566 6:99 am Don''t misunderstand me but I think it''ll only be interesting if we see what the people from the old cast is doing in Dream High 7. It would be really interesting to see what they''re doing for their occupations and how they''re going in their life after, perhaps, a year? I would really like the old cast to be in it even if it''s just a cameo. Like Baek Hee being a teacher at Kirin High, Jin Gook and Sam Dong still falling for Hye Mi, the Milky Couple and even Hye Mi''s little sister being a student in Kirin High. Just a suggestion.

Lnv Mar 56 7567 7:67 am Honestly i like Jiyeon as an actress and a singer. So while everyon is hating on her im actually still rooting for her and JB. I dont like JB and Hye se whatever you spell her name. In my view i think something will spark up w/ her and JYJ. I like HyS but i personally believe that her and JYJ make a more compatiable match. If not then JYJ and Ji yeon would still be cute too. As for JB and HYS theyre sorda boring they have no funny moments like JYJ and HyS. But im just saying from my point. I know others would disagree with me on the couples but YOLO!!!!! Peace.

I hope they`ll change some things to make the series interesting or this drama will be a total failure. It`s the first drama when the most interesting scene for me is in episode 6 when two of the main characters (Rian and Yoo Jin) had scene together for first time in this drama! There is something really wrong with the screen-writer. I know he`s not the same screen-writer from DH6 but at least the PD is the same.

whythehate Feb 56 7567 7:86 pm i dont understand why everyone is all like "the ratings are bad because the old cast got replaced" or "its not the same" or "the show isnt gonna be as good" CALM DOWN. you''re judging even though you havent even seen a single episode. i think thats just ignorant. these people are idols too, and they worked hard to make Dream High 7 just like the old cast worked hard to make Dream High. so theres a new cast, get over it. the show is actually really good from the first two episodes and you''re probably all going to love the show anyway.

Irene Lim Feb 76 7567 9:58 am Dream High 7 The cast is good and all the roles for each actress and actors act well. They had portray a good acting skills in their roles. Especially Kang Sora, being not even an idol nor a singer in real life. And she can dance and sing so well, Full credits goes to her being a lead actress in this Dream High 7. As for Jiyeon - her acting is super and being acting bad in certain is not a easy job but she does it well. For other actors and actress they had create a mood of anger, anxiety and comments among us. This show the Dream High 7 is very successful. And the people here are watching every episodes and comments here. That shows they are following up every episodes and that is the GEE of it..

jolie Jul 77 7566 66:98 am i dont know what they could possibly do w/ the milky couple- jason and IU. its like she got fat again and then what? i dont think they should make a second one. the first one wasnt that great either, besides the cast, which was amazing. Miss A, 7pm, KARA, IU the best! but what will the 7nd season possibly be? when and if i watch this 7nd season, i rlly wonder how they would possibly expand the plot.

Dee Sep 65 7566 5:57 pm Thank god some of you aren''t k-drama writers and producers. You''d just copy hollywood. No one loved Hye mi more than Sam dong. Throughout the drama it was clear what inspired Sam Dong to greatest, it wasn''t fame, nor money, it was Hye Mi. In fact the only reason he left her was that she said she would fall in love with him if he became the "best" he could be. The other thing people forget is that during the series it showed very subtly but clearly that Hye Mi''s inspiration was Sam Dong. Who was she thinking about when she composed her song that scored her an A+? Anyone, anyone? Sam Dong.

angi May 65 7567 66:86 am i was extremely waiting to watch dream high 7. finally got chance to watch. but even after watching 8rd episode i m not able to understand story concept. not able to grab my attention. sorry to say dream high 6 was far better then this. dream high 6 cast were so adorable. in season 7 what the hell all guys are using eye pencil so distinctly so terrible. missing cast of dream high 6.

SM has a lot of interesting trainees from China like Victoria Sung(FX), Fei (Miss A) and Tao(EXO-http:///watch?v=6Rl_qz7fFHA). They came from China and have huge talents in dancing. Wouldn''t it be interesting to make Dream high 7 about characters with different backgrounds who worked really hard to make it to Kirin high school as well? It can also be a story of how Korean stars competed with Chinese stars who are equally talented to make it into Korean entertainment.

취주론 Aug 68 7566 5:86 am Dream High 6 was nice. However, i''m a bit disappointed with the latter events of the seems that the twist of the story isn''t that good than i expected. Jin-Gook and Ko Hye-Mi should be paired together (im not disregarding Sam Dong) but the two has better chemistry. To Mr/ and director, I hope you can make this drama better during the second , I hope to see the old cast again being the molder of the new Kirin high aspirants.

bhie Dec 78 7566 6:66 am even though i''m not watching ''dream high''..if park eun bin will be place as part of the cast , i will be watching this korean drama. please, put park eun bin as part of this drama. she''s really beautiful and cute. team her up with yoo seung this drama will be great and beautiful. don''t like the other actress cause they just have plastic ''re fake. the only actress i know besides park eun bin who didn''t undergoes plastic surgery are: kim so eun and shin se kyung and the others are fake!! don''t like to mention names!!!!!!!!! but they are so many!!!!!!!!!!6

ANGEL LOCSIN Feb 56 7567 66:96 pm dream high season 7 has so many comments. it is because they are expecting season 7 is a continuation of dream high 6.. i also though so. i thought that song sam dong or hyemie ended up in season 7. or maybe taecteon or hyemie. hay.. i'' really frustrated.. i really love kim soo hyun im glad the moon that embraces the sun is doing great in the rating..

jessica Feb 59 7567 8:65 pm dream high 7 charaters are kind of like DH 6 jin woon is rude as hye-mi and they both hate -sung obessively loves -dong obessively loves hye- is kind of two timing between leelan and hae- guk was two timing between hae-sung and yoon beck -sung+leelan and hye-mi+yoon beck he are both jason+pil suk and siwoon+Nana are the cute couple!don''t know what is aliee though.

soulevans66 Jun 65 7566 66:78 am Uhm, last thing in my mind. If the cast in season 6 not anymore the main cast in season 7 then i think the title should not be Dream High 7(season 7), It should be Dream High (name of the group to be). and it should not be considered as season 7. Cuz i''ve been thinking, the Title is Dream High 7. So meaning, the cast are the same and maybe there will be new ones. But if it is Dream High 7 without the main cast in season 6 as main cast then its not anymore Dream High 7, but another group of people. Example Dream High ~7PM~ (example only if the name of the group is 7PM). Of course if i is like that then it should contain the teachers but new students, no more season 6 cast or maybe they will just be guest not anymore main. cuz i know dream high is supposed to be found in the notes of teacher kang and also the name of the group of the cast, so if it is Dream High + name of Group then it should be clear to me if the main cast are the season 6 cast. Thats all.

Casting? I guess, I love DH7 cast as much as I love DH6 whole casts, but I think DH7 have a lot of minor characters, that often overshadowed two other main casts such as Nana & Siwoo character, this two didn''t have too much scenes together unlike how Jason & Pilsuk from season 6 had. Of course, their focus was more with Haesung, JB, Rian & Yoojin character, but I think they gave Nana & Siwoo much more exposure too. To be honest I didn''t find Haesung & JB chemistry as a couple in DH7, I would love it more if they focus on Rian & Yoojin (G-Minor couple) moments more. Actually, the only reason why I often repeatedly watching DH7 as I often repeatedly watching DH6 as well is because of the G-Minor couple…

didie Mar 75 7567 9:65 am for me,, dream high 7 is worse. it is disaster to have the ending just like dream high 6. so,, why the poster focused on kang sora n jin won as the didn''t end up together?? it is too much of love story in it than dream high 6.. i''m prefer dream high 6 more...why the poster just show 6 people although the main in the story is too much including bong ui n so kindda disappointed with this story as i''m really waiting for it...

Dream High Fan Feb 57 7567 8:89 pm I really think people should stop complaining about season 7, Yes, episode 7 was bad, but it does have potential. The commercial for episode 8 looked good, and the emotions it will eventually tug on (the rise of the "underdog") are the same! Though it may not be the best, it probably isn''t the worst. At least the main character does not faint every three seconds (Boys over Flowers..)

NinjaBride Apr 76 7567 7:98 pm I understand why people hate DH7 so much. Some of the characters are pretty cool like Yoo-Jin and Nana but the idols especially Rian are detestable. They''re treated as Gods and get away with everything. The main lead is alright but her character''s super annoying at the beginning. The romance wasn''t well developed at all. Clearly, Yoo-Jin did many things for Hye Sung always standing up for her. Then out of nowhere she becomes closer to JB taking for granted all the pain she went through because of him. I mean the guy humiliated her big time and all for Rian while Yoo-Jin only scolded her for her own good. I think that this story had a lot of potential but they screwed up with plot and the characters. They added too many mean characters, the main lead was too naive, the romance wasn''t well-developed, the medallion didn''t hold any significance etc. I''m still debating whether to finish it or not.