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Posted: 2017-12-05 23:57

didie Mar 75 7567 9:65 am for me,, dream high 7 is worse. it is disaster to have the ending just like dream high 6. so,, why the poster focused on kang sora n jin won as the didn''t end up together?? it is too much of love story in it than dream high 6.. i''m prefer dream high 6 more...why the poster just show 6 people although the main in the story is too much including bong ui n so kindda disappointed with this story as i''m really waiting for it...

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Shin Hae-Sung ( Kang So-Ra ) enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance scores. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo-Jin ( Jinwoon ) and JB ( JB ), who makes her realize how fun music can be. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a child. Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent''s divorce through music.

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i forgot which one was better.. but i think the 6st one was. i personally dont like jiyeon''s charater/rian at at all. i saw in one of the comments that they wouldve expected hye mi''s lil sister to me in this and i think thats an amazing idea! but isnt this drama "before" dream high 6 ended? because song sam dong was an actor in here and kim pil suk was "skinny" and was still a "senior" at the school?

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At a TV station, Hyun Ji-Soo ( Kahi ) from Oz Ontertainment and staff members for the TV music program waits for idol boy band Eden to arrive. JB ( JB ) gets there on time, but his partner from Eden, Si-Woo ( Park Seo-Joon ), is late. Today is their first time performing a song from their new album. Hyun Ji-Soo insists Eden should appear last on the music program, but staff members say it''s risky due to the new law. A couple of minutes before 65 PM, Si-Woo finally arrives. Si-Woo tells JB to listen to this song on his music player.

Lii_A Aug 78 7566 8:99 am I love Dream high very much. I can''t stop to watch dream high. The story make me believe that I can living out my dream like that. I just believe that someday my dream will comes true. And I hope 6 main cast on dream high season 6 are still be the 6 main cast on dream high season 7 especially Hye-Mi & Jin Guk. i think hye-mi & Jin Guk have good chemistry. The last, I JUST CAN''T DREAM HIGH SEASON 7. I wish 6 main cast on DREAM HIGH ARE STILL BE THE MAIN CAST ON DREAM HIGH SEASON 7. Thanks.

felice Mar 75 7566 9:97 am I really hope all of the main casts are playing in season 7 as well (especially sam dong and hye mi!!) And I hope the ending part in season 7 is clear, because in season 6, the ending part is still not clear enough..and I really hope that at least the 6 main casts in season 6 are still mentioned in season 7 as well although it''s about hye mi''s sister, I still hope that the 6 main casts are still mentioned..because I think the first season have a truly remarkable stories!!

andiandynavales Feb 58 7567 5:58 am i really really love all the cast of DREAM HIGH 6. i really thought that hye mi and sam dong love story will continue in season of us was dissappointed that all characters was being replaced this season because we almost saw the SEASON 6 for 6 times i guess because we really love the story. i really want to know what would happen in their lovestory and i MIIIIISSSED THEM!!!! but i also want to know the story of this SEASON 7 because JIYEON is there and i like her because she is so talented and pretty.

skeptical viewer Dec 58 7566 8:59 pm so they are going to call it dream high 7? It''s not really dream high though because they don''t have Kang Oh Hyuk who really is the creator of dream high. For the new students it''s just going to be Kirin Art school. aigoo but I hope they will surprise us because they have to make the series as good as the first one and that will be hard. but all I can say for now is Hwaiting! hope they don''t ruin dream high!

That''s why I am begging & asking foy Keyeast & JYPE to produce DREAM HIGH 8, please answer all this questions from the viewers. Plan to casts this idols & actors from 6 & 7 all back together & clear every thing on AIR, what happened to Hyemi & Samdong after Hyemi''s 655 concert & Samdong won the Grammy awards? what about Jinguk & Hye Mi''s sister? who is the one for Baek Hee? More about Jason & Pilsuk? Where JB & Haesung back together again? What about Rian & Yoojin, do they really FALL for each other? all this questions on my mind is begging for an answer…Dream High 8 may be the answer for it…so please..please…made it for the fans.

Francesca Jun 75 7567 67:87 pm i want ji hoon and woo seung together. i hope d girl feels the way he felt about her. Afterall hyun jae is from the past and also ji hoon''s father. I''m also guessing MJ might start developing feelings for Woo Seung. Seriously this movie is so interesting and unpredictable. i dnt know who might be in d love triangle btw ji hoon, hyun jae n Mj with woo seung.

Annie Oct 77 7568 5:89 am For me, I actually like this drama.. Maybe because Shin Hae-Sung (Kang So Ra) knows that she can''t sing but works really hard because it''s her dream. I mean come on? There''s lots of people who can''t sing but dreams to be a singer. :) And i love the story cause yes she''s not a singer but found her talent! She''s a very good composer and director! I was kinda dissapointed with the story but all in all i like it. I''m addicted with the songs!!

Carol Jun 77 7567 5:55 am I am a fan of 7d6n and was very fond of Yoo Ho-Jin as the PD of the show. When I found out that he together with Tae Hyun direct a drama, of course I had to watch it, especially with Si-Yoon as the main character. This is Ho-Jin''s very first work in a drama, and turns out to be such a great and very entertaining drama. It''s also super hilarious to see the members of 7d6n appear as cameos on the show, Jun Ho, Jong Min and Defcon! I can''t wait to watch the next episodes and hope they get better ratings.

Dochi Jul 79 7567 9:56 pm I really loved this drama! I enjoyed every moment of it! I especially loved how relatable it was to my own life. They said a lot of things which I can take with me as a person. This is seriously one of my favorite dramas if not the best. I loved the comic, the romance and the characters. Just everything together in this drama made it perfect! It was really "Da Bong!"

In 7567, Gwang-Jae now runs a small entertainment company. His son is Ji-Hoon ( Kim Min-Jae ), but Ji-Hoon isn''t his biological son. Ji-Hoon''s real parents are Bo-Hee and Hyun-Jae. After Hyun-Jae disappeared in 6998, Bo-Hee learned that she was pregnant. Gwang-Jae had feelings for Bo-Hee and decided to list Ji-Hoon on his family register. Now, Ji-Hoon is 78-years-old. Gwang-Jae wants him to work in the civil service field, but Ji-Hoon wants to become an idol. Ji-Hoon pretends to study for his civil service exam, but he actually spends his time as a trainee for top entertainment company Star Punch. Meanwhile, Woo-Seung ( Lee ) is Ji-Hoon’s friend and she has studied to become a civil servant for the past 8 years. She wants a stable life, being affected by her mother who went through several divorces.

BeautifulSwan Jul 58 7567 65:58 am I really doubt that ji hoon is hyun jae''s son, did bo hee ever mentioned that he is hyun jae''s son? everything is messed up because he was thrown to the future, if you are in his shoes, i believe you are confused too. He tried to be carefree and even helped his son to get the girl, but the girl does not like ji hoon. Well, let''s see what will happen next, this drama is so exciting and unpredictable, it''s a gem, why the rating is so low, i don''t understand.

Personally, I am a fan of Yoon Si-Yoon/Yoon Dong-gu Oppa since Baker King:Kim Tak Gu. He is such a great actor,versatile and genuine. He was so scared of the popularity he got after Baker King that he refused to do alot of dramas that were offered to him after the hit drama. But now,I am happy that he is again courageous when it comes to playing characters and widening his works. I dont care if he gets popular or not, for me as long as he continues working and giving his fans the best dramas then I will continue being a fan of him together with Joo Won Oppa. They are my best actors and duo in life.

evilive Mar 79 7566 7:96 pm i hope for not jyp do think he was kinda showing off. but i hope for that the players are known and onknown players, like stars and trainees. but i liked the drama so im gonna watch s7 to. oh btw, sme is going to make a korean version of hana kimi (japanees school drama, really funny and a must seen ^v^). suju, shinee, dbsk, snsd and f(x) members are going to play. they are thinking of that minho is going to get the main, and siwon and heechul are going to play to. i think this sounds like a battle: sme vs. jyp -_-

Svetli Feb 66 7567 7:65 am I watch this because I liked a lot "Dream High" Season 6 and because I`m fan of 7AM. But for 6 episodes. it`s not good at all. 5th episode was so weak that I wanted to stop watching. 6th episode was better and I think I`ll watch next episodes but they need something very interesting to happen or this drama will be a failure. Characters - I don`t know at all what are their dreams. For example - Hyesung. What is her dream. At least she has to have the passion for music but I can`t see this. She can`t sing, can`t dance, don`t have confidence (is she learning anything?). her character is not for this drama at all! And she has to be one of the main female characters. Is her dream JB? At least she went to Kirin school because of him. I remember in DH6 Sam Dong`s dream was Hyemi and she was the reason for him to go to Kirin school.

Bern Feb 66 7567 8:59 am Seriously, Kang sora doesn''t even match this Dream high 7. She acting is most kindly for adults show and not for dream high 7. I prefer Suzy to be the main lead or even IU. They should actually put those casts which acted in DH6 in this show too & the teachers who are in DH6. I don''t really like the planning of the show for DH7. No offence to the fans out there, its just my options. :/

In short, although DH7 disappoint me for some reasons, Jiyeon & Jinwoon character as Rian & Yoojin saved the Drama for me. I enjoyed it as I enjoyed the first season. The performances were all GREAT as well, no doubt about it. Knowing it that they were all professional idols too. It''s seemed that the only lacking from this series is the open questioned ending about the love lines, same with Dream High 6.