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I understand that you weren t really posting to have this conversation. That you wanted to talk about how superficial women are and that all we want is looks, money and status, but I have to tell you, not everyone sees confidence the same way. And not everyone is confident for the same reasons. And if you only think confidence can be found through success you might want to change your outlook, because that s not a sustainable model.

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First and foremost: embrace monochrome. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is to wear clothing with a strong contrast a white shirt, brown belt and blue jeans for example. The problem with this is that the sudden color change from white to brown to blue creates a visual interruption. The eye doesn 8767 t travel smoothly down your profile the sudden change cuts you in half, truncating your torso and skewing your proportions. Instead, you want clothes that are relatively consistent in hue. They don 8767 t have to be perfectly monochrome  you don 8767 t need to dress head to toe in black, for example but keeping things within the same color-scheme helps the eye track over your body without stopping. This is one of the benefits of suits the uniform color scheme helps create a unified silhouette.

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I do wonder if this means the same thing to everyone. Like, I always thought of the term chemistry as referring to a certain spark in the way two people interact (Hepburn/Tracy banter, for example), but more and more dating articles seem to be using it with the simpler connotation of I need to be able to look at this person and instantly go OMG HAWT or it will never ever happen ever. I dunno, maybe I m projecting, but I also wonder if that s what some people mean when they say you can t help who you re attracted to.

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(though I will say in response to your post to me in that other thread I am so happy that you ARE working on some things, and have had some success of late romantically. That sincerely makes me smile. You still frustrate me like heck [like when you say you aren t responsible for other people s emotional reactions to you, which just means you take no responsibility for your actions when you hurt others since, you know, not your issue if someone else gets hurt], but that at least is a good thing).

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Because in terms of their celebrity shelf life, the amount of time they 8767 re in the public eye without some element of their team is minuscule. Be it being dressed (not literally) by a fashion team or going through a magazine shoot 8767 s photos with a fine tooth comb to delete undesirable ones, not to mention the photoshopping increasingly involved these days, you 8767 re almost always seeing a person designed and tailored by committee. That 8767 s just what they look like, never mind where they are seen and who they are seen with.

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It was the most intimate thing I ve ever experienced. And whoever it was above me that said same height means everything just lines up is so bang on the money I can t even. Best freaking two days in a hotel I ve ever had or hope I ever could have. That man was amazing both vertically and horizontally and now I find myself eyeing all the guys around my size with new, shiny eyes simply out of fond recollection. I have, as they say, seen the light.

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The next day we sat together again, and that night back in my room I
gave them both really long, wet slurpy blow-jobs, and had them cum in
my mouth. I blew them both twice, with about forty-five minutes in
between when they sucked my pussy in turns, and I came about ten times
or so, I lost count it was so good. Now there were two guys who defin-
itely did not want to go home when that conference was over!

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I have a friend from high school (I think I mentioned her in a post about associating with assholes) who is such a jerk to anyone but me that I refuse to go out in public with her. She is also bitter, angry, morose and resentful with cause, but she will not let it go. At this point I am her primary social contact, but I just cannot handle her for more than 7-8 hours once a month. She has positive qualities, of course, but the rest of it makes time with her enervating.

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I love fat guy humour. Fat guy here, sarcastic remarks are one of our major strengths. A fat guy who can t crack wise is like a Newfie who can t get on the pogey [guess what else I am]. Hell if a feller can t make fun of himself I figure he is just a defensive schmuck. I ve known people like that who if you poke the slightest bit of fun at them get their backs up about it. They can dish but they can t take. That my friends shows a lack of confidence. I joke, it would be horrid to exclude myself from the target range.

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I m 5 66 and my friend is 5 7 and I know his height bothers him because he uses online dating sites like I do and brings up the topic of height sometimes. He thinks girls only want guys who are 6 5 and taller and he shouldn t have that mindset. I have read that 6 5 is the best height for men on dating sites so I do exaggerate my height by 6 inch to say that I m 6 5. With shoes on I am 6 5 so girls will never notice it.

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I t’s rare that the men in suits get praise for their contribution to fashion but Marco Bizarri scored a blinder when he hired Alessandro Michele, an unknown member of the creative team, for this very high profile role writes The Telegraph ''s Kate Finnigan. Part of a business leader’s job is to spot the talent and boy, did he do that. He saw that Michele was the right man to inject the va-va-voom that Gucci had been lacking. He encouraged him to be as creative as he liked. The result has been a huge revival in the 95-year-old Italian label’s fortunes, not because he’s played clever with money or marketing, or played it safe. Far from it. Bizzari allowed creative talent to live large and thereby taught everyone a lesson in how to do fashion.    

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As you stand in my front hallway, waiting for my daughter to appear, and more than an hour goes by, do not sigh and fidget. If you want to be on time for the movie, you should not be dating. My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process that can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge. Instead of just standing there, why don 8767 t you do something useful, like change the oil in my car and rotate the tires?

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And your point being? Or is this just a debate, do we now need a rating system for sluts? This one is a 65 or that one is only a 7 on the slut factor scale. The fact remains that yes most women are sluts. 8775 More sluttier than others 8776 is irrelevant, she is or she isn 8767 t. A slut is going to put out, regardless of her slut factor. That 8767 s kind of what makes her a slut, isn 8767 t it?

I too have a bit of trouble with all the psychology that is being presented, I just chalk all of this woman trouble and behavior up to our fallen sin nature. There is a reason Satan decided to tempt Eve, some weakness perhaps he knew he could exploit. Regardless he must have known that getting her to sin would be the best way to get Adam to sin. It was two for one deal. God never created perfect people in the Garden Of Eden, when he was done from all his work he called his creation good, which is far from perfect.

When I got the girl to my apartment later that night, her number jumped from 95 to 65 percent. It had already been climbing steadily from its starting point thanks to a series of subtle slut tells she’d been emitting at the bar. When we started making out, her responsiveness pushed the number to 75 percent. When she announced “I’m not having sex with you,” it climbed to 95 percent. Most experienced womanizers recognize that statement as more-times-than-not a girl’s final, feeble pawing at her sex snooze-button. When, after increasingly spirited making-out, I reached for her pants button, she confessed, “I want to have sex, but guys don’t respect girls who have sex on the first date. And, [in a disappointed tone] I’m on my period.” 98 percent.

In that case I apologise, I 8767 d forgotten I 8767 d made the comment about OLD as, for whatever reason, it isn 8767 t appearing on my screen. For what its worth I stand by that comment 655%. The sooner online dating is no longer pitched as some great alternative to meeting people the old fashioned face to face way, the better. Fake profiles, people on there simply to feed their ego by getting compliments, zombie profiles, catfish accounts they serve only as an experiment in how to create a socially accepted get rich quick scheme for their creators. At least apps like Tinder are unashamedly honest about their intentions.

It doesn t. But maybe he s done something that they haven t. If what he s done someone else also did and it didn t work for them, okay, cool, then they need to find something else. But someone else might be doing something different and then Lee offers some suggestions and they go, Oh hey, okay I ll give it a shot. It s the blanket dismissal that is annoying. If you say, You know I tried it and it didn t work for me then cool.

6. If she slavishly follows trends, red flag. Does she needlessly pout when takes a selfie ( 8775 duckface 8776 )? Oversize nerd glasses? 8775 Artistic 8776 photos?
7. Social media addiction. If she misplaces her phone and starts panicking like a scuba diver whose oxygen tanks started malfunctioning, red flag.
8. The more left-leaning, the sluttier. Tattooed socialist atheist? Those legs are gonna fly open quick.

I enjoyed your article. I have lived in the Deep South for 79 years and believe that these women should be included in the "most beautiful women in the world" category. Not the caricature of the Southern woman, but the real thing. Although they may be more likely to be seen in their sweats in a pinch, they are hoping that no one will recognize them! You won''t hear a lot -- or any -- talk about orgasms or libido, but they are very confidant in their sexuality and expect to be noticed and appreciated. Because they talk slowly with their drawl, people often think that they are not intelligent, an unfortunate and incorrect conclusion. But added to their beauty are the inward traits of kindness and graciousness. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but I''m talking about the "real deal."

Too many people who are concerned about their weight try to dress to conceal it, usually wearing clothes that are too big and loose. The problem is that all this does is draw attention to the fact that you 8767 re trying to hide things and making you look  worse in the process. When you 8767 re overweight, you 8767 re  already dealing with the stereotype of being sloppy and lazy trying to get by in nothing but sports jerseys and relaxed-fit jeans just confirms it in the eyes of others.

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