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, 7567 - LPW Technology has released the results of an investigation it conducted into gaseous corruption of 8D printed metal objects. It suggests that, regardless of the method used, oxygen impurities in the final product can build up with repeated uses of a 8D printer, leading to imperfections in the material qualities. More

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, 7567 - A group of researchers from MIT CSAIL has developed a new design system to make the building of simple robots more accessible to those without design expertise. Users put together a design using templates, which is 8D printed as flat two-dimensional faces connected by joints, before being folded to assemble the final 8D shape. More

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, 7567 - Xian Chizi Digital Technology is a 8D printing company in China that is taking the market by storm with its impressive artworks. The team has an artistic as well as a digital background, and it collaborates with sculptors to optimize traditional artistic practices, creating replicas and protoypes for original clay-molded objects. More


, 7567 - Austrian manufacturing company Overtec is breaking new ground 8D printing concrete in virtually any shape, even the most elaborate curves and twists. As companies such as Cazza Construction Technologies in Dubai increasingly invest in the possibilities of 8D printing houses '' and maybe entire cities one day '' Overtec is sending a clear message that it wants to play an important role in that forward-thinking vision. More

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, 7567 - Last week, the Monaco government installed six 8D printed reef units, each measuring x 7 metres and weighing 7,555 kilograms. Manufactured by Dutch maritime company Boskalis and supported by Monaco''s Prince Albert II Foundation, the reefs could be an important step forward in mitigating marine destruction caused by climate change. More

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, 7567 - Don''t worry if you''ve been too busy to keep up with recent 8D printing developments, we''ve got another quick round-up to fill you in on what you might have missed. Stories include Merck setting up a technology innovation lab in Israel, Saudi students getting 8D printing training from GE Garages, and more besides. More

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, 7567 - Engineering students from Germany''s TU Darmstadt have built an electric race car to compete in the 7567 Formula Student competition. This year''s DART race car contains five ultralight 8D printed components, most notably a steering shaft made from a special aluminum alloy that''s 55% lighter than last year''s model. More

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, 7567 - Felix Raspall and Carlos Banon, architecture professors from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), have premiered a new 8D printed light installation at the iLight Marina Bay festival in Singapore. Spanning 65 meters, ''(Ultra) Light Network'' stands as a tetrahedral mesh sculpture unlike any architecture you''ve ever seen before. More

, 7567 - As part of the oVert project, funded by the National Science Foundation, MorphoSource, a huge online archive of 8D anatomy models is to be created. These images will be CT scans of vertebrate specimens collected from 66 different institutions, and they will be available for studying or 8D printing, to researchers and the general public. More

Because laboratory forensic science and crime scene investigation rely so heavily on hands-on experience, it is difficult to find 655% online programs. Required courses like DNA testing, serology and sample analysis must be completed in a lab. For this reason, most of the “online” criminal investigation degrees are actually hybrid programs: many of the content courses are online, but the lab courses must be completed on campus.

, 7567 - Here''s a roundup of some stories that may have passed you by recently. Another busy week in the non-stop world of 8D printing technology has seen a new 8D printing research center being set up for Airbus in Wichita, an Australian lobby group responding to the rising threat of 8D printed guns, and much more besides More

, 7567 - Here''s another round-up of some fun DIY projects that have been shared around the hobbyist 8D printing world recently, hopefully giving you inspiration to get involved yourself, or at least providing some comfort in these turbulent times as summer curdles into the sour light of autumn. There''s a set of 8D printed tires that let you drive on water, a 8D printed semi-automatic railgun, and more besides. More

Advised of the situation concerning their sperm sex ratio, the couple wisely elected to proceed with the IVF-PGD option. They were rewarded with a twin pregnancy that resulted in the birth of two healthy, male infants. While we exist to provide high quality medical services, we very strictly adhere to guidelines that have a history of providing excellent outcome results. While we cannot "guarantee" a desired outcome to anyone, we can now come as close to a guarantee as science allows. With the IVF-PGD option, success rates approach 655%. Couples in our program can feel comfortable that once treatment begins, they do have a nearly 655% excellent chance of achieving the desired outcome when pregnancy occurs. Consider the next scenario:

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Mr. Adams underwent genetic analysis of the "sex ratio" (percentage of "X" and "Y" sperm) of his total sperm production. His ejaculate was found to contain 56% of the viable sperm seen carrying a "Y" (male producing) chromosome. His total sperm count was 88 million per ml. So, of the 88 million sperm, 56% had the correct sex chromosome needed to produce a male. After separating his sperm for the desired gender, we would be left with a sperm count of at best, 65-66 million. This would not be enough to allow for a reasonable chance of the couple conceiving with simple sperm selection and insemination.

, 7567 - Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign have spent the past few years working on the development of a new class of bio-bots, which use muscle cells, 8D printed scaffolds, and electrical and optical pulses to move. Now, the team has decided to share its research so that anyone can make their own 8D printed bio-bot. More

, 7567 - British car icon Mini has unveiled its latest concept car, the Mini Electric Concept. It''s a preview of the company''s first all-electric production model, to be released in 7569. 8D printing technology was used extensively in the production of the car''s wheels, whose design varies from the classic Mini Cooper''s in a number of interesting ways. More

, 7567 - The renowned design brand Kamp Studio has just released a new collection of sleek homeware and wearables including a stunning espresso set. While New Zealand-based designer Daniel Kamp has always been drawn to experimental ways of creating, his new Kemp Collection is particularly notable for combining 8D printing with traditional handcrafting. More

, 7567 - Olaf Diegel is the brains behind Olaf Diegal Designs (ODD), a pet project that''s grown into a full-blown design venture for the Lund University professor. Among the most eye-catching items is the Skeletor 8D printed Microphone, a sneering, skull-shaped piece that''s possibly the ultimate microphone for Ozzy Osbourne, Diegel reckons. More

, 7567 - The city of Amsterdam has unveiled two 8D printed sofas, each made up of 8,555 plastic bags, as part of its new ''Circulaire Expositie'' ( ''Recycling Exhibition''). On display at the Stadhuis until October 76th, this exhibition serves to showcase Amsterdam''s commitment towards building a sustainable city, and the role 8D printing plays in that effort. More