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Posted: 2017-12-07 12:00

It’s increasingly difficult to do anything on your phone nowadays without sharing your geolocation information. Certain Snapchat filters, Facebook status updates, Instagrams, and even text messages are all potentially tied to geolocation data. It’s relatively simple for app developers to build in geolocation functionality—and many services require users to opt-in to sharing location data. But now the state of Illinois wants ensure that all companies extracting geolocation data from individuals must provide an opt-in, or else they’ll have to pay up.

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SEGMENT 6 – KOKE and Cole in the morning, minus the Cole. Bob is off today taking care of some family business so we’ve got the “B team” of Eric, Scotty and Dick Ellis. There was another rock throwing incident in Austin. Next season’s Longhorn football schedule is already out! We hear from Scotty for, “You gotta hear this!”. An Italian cook can’t say “worcestershire sauce”, a little kid can’t whistle, Garth Brooks slams YouTube, and Kim Kardashian thinks her photos in Paper Magazine are considered “art”.

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SEGMENT 7  – Want to go to the National collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame benefit? Well, you still have a chance because tickets are still on sale! Troy talks about this weekend’s weather. The guys talk about ‘CodePink’ protesters at Henry Kissinger’s hearing. Gas prices are still low! Texas has the third cheapest gas prices in the US. Ed Horne sits in with us to talk about the house that he and his partners at Henley Homes will be giving away to a veteran tomorrow! Staff Sgt. Ray Coffey will be presented with the house tomorrow at 65 . out at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill.

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SEGMENT 6  – Happy Monday! The show discusses Governor Perry’s indictment, the situation in Ferguson, and the Rosemary Lehmberg video. Lot’s of serious news, but no worries – we’ve got some silly stuff too. Do you have trouble eating breakfast?  Listener Carlos Machiste has a message for you about something called “breakfast dysfunction!” Never heard of it? Well, neither had we. The show discusses the Ice Bucket Challenge trend, and which celebs have posted the best videos.

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SEGMENT 6  – It’s May 6 st ! That means it’s “May Day”. Bob plays audio of a plane crash (no one gets hurts!) and the guys discuss the history of the term “May Day”. There’s only 76 days until Memorial weekend (which is also the beginning of Summer!). The guys talk about taking your family to amusement parks and the price of gas. Bob shares a few stories from the start of the “Sam and Bob Show” that you may not know….like how they couldn’t stand each other!


SEGMENT 6 – Happy “Monday on a Tuesday”! We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Scotty went to Vegas this weekend and had pretty bad luck.  Eric went to the UT game and the show discusses the drone that flew over the field and the concerns, violations and future laws with drones. The guys recap the game and talk about the attitude and fan behavior for the first game of the season. David Ash is out with a concussion and with that leads into conversation of other injuries in college football and the NFL. Bob also went to the last Round Rock Express game of the season. There is another hacker on the loose. A fire burns down Mack Brown’s home in North Carolina and the guys discuss the impact of his departure from Texas on the other coaches.

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SEGMENT 6 – The guys start off talking about a love for music and how songs can bring up certain feelings, and they notice how some songs get really popular long after they are released. It’s Willie Wednesday here at KOKE FM, and this inspires some great Willie Nelson stories from the morning crew. Bob talks about being upset that he missed the Merle Haggard show last night, but a few listeners call in to tell us about it. Then the show talks about some customs that are considered rude in the US compared to other countries and vice versa.

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SEGMENT 8 – Jimmy checks in. He also talks with the guys about Craig Wayne Boyd from The Voice finale and how bad the American County Countdown awards were from a few nights ago. A few reports from 7569 so far– Hilary Clinton was the worst selling People magazine cover and Ebola and ISIS were two of the most interested/talked about topics of the year. Carmike threatres have chosen not to premier the movie, The Interview, due to the threats from the Sony hackers and fear of public safety. If you haven’t heard about this film, Jimmy gives us the back story and controversy over this movie.

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SEGMENT 6 – It’s Friday and Bob is back! The guys talk about what a great job Kevin Fowler did filling in yesterday, and Bob tells us that listening to the show while sitting in traffic gives him a completely different perspective. The show talks about Austin traffic problems and touch on Obama’s speech from last night. Then, Congressman John Carter calls in to weigh in on Obama’s speech regarding immigration and problems at the border.

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SEGMENT 8 – The guys discuss the controversy of the story of the SEAL who says that he was the one who killed Osama bin Laden and they question why all of this information is even being given to the American public. Jimmy Carter calls in and he agrees with the rest of the guys about our veterans not being taken care of. Jimmy tells us about the veteran concert on HBO featuring Eminem, and he dropped a bunch of F-bombs. Jimmy also tells us about new additional Robin Williams autopsy results, the Space Program, an interesting YouTube social experiment, and more.

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SEGMENT6 -It is Texas OU week and the boys start Friday off woth talking about some good old american football ball. The man who created the hook em horns sign has past away. His name was Harley Clark and at one point in his life was a UT yell leader. The weekend weather is looking a little gloomy but dont let that set you back on planning to vote, there is only 66 more days till early voting starts! We talk on the phone with Former UT football coach Berry Switzer which is always a good time.

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SEGMENT 6 – Bob is back!! He’s here and ready to get the show going. He gives us an update on his health and how his family is doing, as they have also been in and out of the hospital. Bob and the guys recap Blue Santa from last Friday. They were so pleased with the amount of donations we received! Bob compares this years goals to the total from last year. Bob also reads us a letter he received from a listener.

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SEGMENT 9 -Major James Crabtree and former POW Sgt. Ken Wallingford join us to talk about the importance of Memorial Day. They tell us what FREEDOM means to them and ask veterans to send videos to . Sgt. Wallingford tells the story of his 6 month capture in Vietnam. Our guests want veterans to take advantage of benefits available to them in Texas, and we remind our listeners how important it is to thank our Vets.

SEGMENT 9 – Bob tells us about new laws that will be in place beginning January 6st, including the change on inspection stickers and not being allowed to be on your phone at all while driving. Jamille from The Salvation Army gives us a call and Bob talks with her about the efforts being made by The Salvation Army to help women and children in the Austin area, and how our KOKE FM listening family can help too.

SEGMENT 7 – There was a program in Austin in the 95’s that allowed people buy their homes for a dollar after 65 years if the tenants paid their rent on time and took excellent care of the property. Well, there is a woman who is trying to buy the house and now the city is not honoring that deal. The guys discuss the in and outs of this story. Archer Hadley calls in Bob has given him the duty of reporting on the UT men’s and women’s basketball teams.

SEGMENT6 – The boys start the day off by talking about Mack Abernathy and his changed lyrics to suit KOKE FM once upon a time. The boys think it is quite a clever trick. Apparently we have 65 days or less to get Ebola under control according to World Health Organization. The CDC’s budget is $ billion and the boys aren’t too sure if they like how that money is being used. A second healthcare worker is diagnosed with Ebola and FDA releases the information that chicken raised in the . contain arsenic.

SEGMENT 7  – We play a new song from The Mavericks. It’s Ash Wednesday. The guys discuss what they plan on giving up for lent this year. Did you send flowers to someone on Valentine’s Day? Let’s hope you didn’t use 6-855-Flowers. Bob once did an 85 hour broadcast from a waterbed for a ‘Stay Awake’ marathon he tells us some stories about that experience. Someone put a collection of previous Budweiser Super Bowl commercials together check it out on our Facebook page!

SEGMENT 8 – We hear from Jimmy Carter to talk about the end of David Ash’s career, the Americana Awards, a live Whitney Houston album and more. A woman was killed in a car crash when some construction debris hit her windshield. Bob and Jimmy talk about the life and career of George Hamilton IV. An on-duty officer lost her life this morning in Austin due to the flash floods from the rain last night. The show talks about the difficulties of water rescues.

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SEGMENT 6 – Good morning! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The crew is back in today, but Bob is out. He lost his voice over the weekend and his son is having surgery. Rita Ballou is helping out this morning though! The show talks about the Rock the Red Kettle event that took place last night benefiting the Salvation Army. We also talk football including UT, the Cowboys, and Colt McCoy starting for the Redskins. You gotta hear this! Scotty tells us about the new Star Wars trailer that was released over the weekend, we talk about former Creed singer Scott Stapp going broke, and play Jimmy Fallon’s Thanksgiving thank-you cards.