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Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Texas

Posted: 2017-12-06 09:52

Guests and staff members alike have reported having objects thrown at them and being locked out of rooms. There are also complaints of unexplained knocking on the walls and doors in the dead of night, noisy footsteps in empty hallways, children laughing, doors opening on their own and disembodied voices in vacant rooms. These are just a small fraction of the strange things that have happened here, so if you do stay the night you might just want to keep one eye open! It is easy to see why this hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in East Texas!

7Most Haunted Places in East Texas | Ghost Stories

According to local legend, one of the most haunted places in East Texas is the Turner Fine Arts Auditorium on the Stephen F. Austin State University campus in Nacogdoches. It is said to be a fairly modern haunting and students have nicknamed the entity ‘Chester’. He has never actually been seen by anybody, but there is no shortage of students who will attest to having felt his presence. He has a habit of rustling the stage curtains and there are often phantom footsteps on the scaffolding and catwalks above the stage often accompanied by falling dust despite nobody being up there! Some students say that they have also felt the touch of cold fingers on their necks before or during performances! There was one rare occasion in 6987 where Chester was apparently able to make himself visible. During a performance of MacBeth, there was one seen which saw a projection of 8 ghostly faces beamed onto the stage. However, on this night a ninth face also appeared amongst them and nobody was able to explain why!

The Excelsior House in Jefferson is said to be home to the most beautiful ghost in all of East Texas! Diamond Bessie was murdered in 6877, although the main suspect Abe Rothschild was acquitted after two murder trials that were both mired in all manner of controversy! There has been many reports ever since her death that she is still hanging around the hotel. The Excelsior is actually the second oldest hotel in Texas having been in constant operation since sometime in the 6855s, although there are discrepancies over whether it officially opened in 6955 or 6958. It is still incredibly busy, despite the fact that Diamond Bessie has been driving some guests from their beds in the middle of the night! She often appears in guest’s bedrooms where she has been known to pull the covers from them as they sleep and even try to take diamond rings from ladies’ fingers! She is not even the only ghost in the building! One room has a rocking chair that moves on its own, there is a headless man outside of another room, a black woman carrying a baby walking the halls and a little ghost boy!

Bowden Road in Huntsville southeast Texas is actually much better known by its rather more sinister nickname, ‘Demon’s Road’! This long, winding road leads towards Martha Chapel Cemetery. The road is apparently haunted by an apparition that looks like a little boy. However, he has been described as crawling like some terrible spider with his body twisted upside down. On one occasion, the photographer for a paranormal investigation team attempted to photograph the ‘boy’ at which point he apparently vomited a strange, unknown substance onto the camera destroying it completely. Needless to say, the photographer quit the job on the spot and hightailed it out of there without ever looking back.

The hotel has attracted a number of celebrities over the years and some of the rooms have been named after the stars that slept in them. However, one celebrity who will definitely not be returning will be famous Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg! Rumour has it that when he and his crew stayed at the Excelsior while filming a movie, Spielberg had a few paranormal encounters of his own including his briefcase being thrown at him by an unseen force! He apparently woke his crew up at 7am and checked out a few hours later vowing never to return! No wonder The Excelsior House is considered to be among the most haunted places in East Texas!

Jefferson has been described by many as the most haunted town in the entire state of Texas. There are several haunted locations scattered across the town, but one of the most well known is probably The Jefferson Hotel which actually holds the distinction of being deemed one of the most haunted hotels in the entire United States. If you look through some of the reports from witnesses, it seems as though just about every type of paranormal activity that you can think of has been experienced in this hotel at one time or another!

Other witnesses who have seen the little boy say that he was riding a tricycle and that he has strange glowing eyes. Most people agree that it is likely a demon or some other type of spirit masquerading as a child. He is not the only spirit that has been seen here, there are also reports of an old man who wanders the cemetery and apparently later appears in the homes of those who have seen him. Other paranormal activity that has been reported here includes drivers seeing strange balls of red light and finding handprints on their cars that they cannot explain!

Stagecoach Road in Marshall is one of the creepiest stretches of road in East Texas. It is said that if you stop your car on the road at night and then roll down the windows while also turning off the light then you will feel someone or perhaps something pushing down on the back of the vehicle. This has been described as someone standing on the back bumper. Some say that the following morning they have also noticed a fine film of red colored dust from the road over the rear window apart from a few spots where there were tiny little hand prints in the dust! Creepy, right? However, that it not the only strange tales that have been connected to Stagecoach Road! For example, some people who have visited the road have said that they have seen a spectral stagecoach drawn by 9 black horses clattering past them on the road. This is often referred to as the ‘death coach’ by locals as it resembles an old fashioned funeral wagon.

If you talk to anybody in East Texas, they will most likely have heard all about Bragg Road in Saratoga Southeast Texas. Why? Well, because it is home to the famous legend of the Bragg Road Ghost Lights. The story goes, that if you drive down Bragg Road at night then it is likely that you will stand a chance of seeing the ghostly glowing light bobbing along. It is apparently a lantern belonging to the spirit of a railroad worker who was decapitated in a train accident and is now wandering Bragg Road in search of his head!

Over the years, hundreds of visitors have commented on strange activity and many have run from the cemetery in terror. Among the phenomena described there have been strange lights, disembodied voices, faint piano music and more! However, perhaps most disturbing of all is that many of them have described an unwelcoming presence that does not seem to want them there at all! It is this which has driven so many away! There are also tales of the ghost of a lady named Hattie Parker who is also a little unwelcoming and who is known to become enraged if she feels she is disrespected!