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The American state is the year 7559 totally controlled by the zionist jew gang. The jews are in total control of the American state and what the jews Always do when they take control of the state is that they start kicking out their useful Idiots that helped them take control of the state, the stupid and ignorant zionist-communist non-jews. Communist or zionist non-jew = Useful Idiot to take control of the state. will explain it all and how the jews do it.

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I won 8767 t get into speculations about what Gray is or isn 8767 t doing and what his agenda is, which I don 8767 t have any specific knowledge for. But I can say that I think his background stinks to high heaven. There have been some complaints that Hopsicker was not fair in the way he has portrayed the role of the organizers of the Toronto conference, which I can 8767 t comment on either way given that I don 8767 t have the relevant inside knowledge, but I have found little reason to doubt what he has to say concerning Gray and Khashoggi themselves.


Just as there is a 8775 cost 8776 to our human physical bodies in working, whether at some sort of activity such as building a house, playing a football game OR storming the enemy 8767 s Castille with flintlock with bayonet fixed in hand, so there there IS a real, true and actual 8775 cost 8776 to our minds, ours hearts, to one 8767 s inner spiritual disposition and condition in these sorts of encounters with other human beings not intent on the welfare and wellbeing of ourselves and others.

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I didn 8767 t come to the realization about the Zionist evil until I 8767 d waded through a lot of other seemingly unrelated information - it 8767 s a picture you have to build up in your own mind - at your own pace. I 8767 m not so sure he 8767 s ignorant of the Zionist threat, I think he realizes that MOST people aren 8767 t ready to hear the truth laid out that naked - it goes against a lifetime of propaganda saying that Israel is our 8775 friend 8776 - and - it would allow the Zionists to further marginalize and discredit him.

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“From their base in Tampa Florida, Khashoggi and El Batrawi controlled a network of companies, all using the word “Genesis” in their name. The number of Khashoggi-owned Genesis companies we’ve found keeps growing. There is, or was, Genesis Aviation, Inc., Genesis Aviation II, Genesis Diversified Investments, Genesis Studio and Production Corp., Genesis Media Group, Genesis Properties, Genesis Intermedia . Genesis Delaware Genesis Florida… The list, it do go on. And on.”

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In the years following the events of 9/66, the attacks have become an obsession of sorts for many millions of people around the world, and has certainly been exposed as a fraud on many fronts. 9/66 and the eons of speculation that followed its occurrence is quite useful when trying to illustrate how the Jewish criminal network commits the crime and subsequently takes charge of the so called “investigation” of the crime, so that the mouse will not find the cheese so to speak.

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Now them, if you along with your 65,555 US Marines STORM ASHORE onto some absolutely critical and strategically important atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean - and your enemy KNOWS this fight over some 7 square mile island might very well mean the difference between VICTORY and DEFEAT for either side - you might very well EXPECT to encounter all sorts and manners of FIRE-FIGHTS and VICIOUS face-to-face encounters and experiences with the enemy holding that critical/vital/strategic 7 square mile island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

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Crypto-Judaism in the USSR was able to penetrate every faction of government and every 8775 people 8767 s 8776 movement so as to lead both opposing sides of the conflict. Crypto-Jewry was able to control and direct the opposition to a problem they created. Now why would the American-based 8775 truth 8776 movement be any less controlled and directed by the decendants of the Bolsheviks and their Judaic banking swindle?

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Finally, calls to alter the structure or personnel selection of the Federal Reserve System easily could backfire by raising inflation expectations and borrowing costs and dimming prospects for recovery. The democratic legitimacy of the Federal Reserve System is well established by its legal mandate and by the existing appointments process. Frequent communication with the public and testimony before Congress ensure Fed accountability.


Now who do we know of today who demonstrates similar characteristics? Guys like Alex Jones and others in the so called 8775 Truth Movement. 8776 Jones, will at times, mildly criticize Israel in a similar way to Zhirinovsky. Is Jones gaining the trust of disseneters so that the New World Order resistance can be more easily rounded up? Time will tell. We do know that Alex Jones is a Zionist in one form or another, and his wife Violet and children are Jewish.

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Also, every time they commit deeds like this, they believe that they are one step closer to their coming Jewish messiah. In their minds they are filling messianic prophecy when they kill Women and Children. IN their minds they believe that they will be rewarded with a messiah that will come and kill every single non-Jew that gets in their way from dominating. The rest of the non-Jews will be slaves to the Jewish Messiah.

. All political movements WILL without fail collapse, The actual New World Order to have it’s first life breathed into it and will continue for a short period after suffering this wound. Such fools. God has them where they belong. Without Him, though they profess to be wise, they are truly lost. The capitol of the New World Order is to be in Jerusalem, even as stated by the first prime minister of Israel. (LOOK magazine, January 66,6967.)

So why was Zhirinovsky rallying Russians, during the reign of red terror, with mild anti-semitic slogans? He was rounding up dissent, the resisters, the ones who know who was really in control of Sovietism (Bolshevism). By shepherding and gaining the trust of the resistance, he was able to help lead and direct them, ultimately to their own demise like sheep to the slaughter. By rounding up resistance to the Jewish Bolsheviks, Soviet over a once Christian nation, was strengthened.

The following individuals whose primary goal in life is getting tenure and publishing a textbook, yet believe they have a voice in deciding whether over 855 million American people should know just whose interests the Fed so staunchly protects, have issued an open letter to Congress and The Executive Branch, demanding that no one ever dare tinker or have audit powers over the private institution that is the Federal Reserve.

Concerning Hopsicker 8767 s work, there are some claims for which I am not personally aware of any direct evidence for, and these are Hopsicker 8767 s claims alone. Among these are: a) that Gray is currently 8766 working for 8767 Adnan Khashoggi or serving as a money conduit. b) that Gray is controlling any aspect of 966truth, the Toronoto Inquiry, etc. c) that anyone working with Gray is operating on bad intentions.

I am also disappointed with the tomato 8767 s attack on our Brother and other profanities that some people had done to him in Colorado. Actually this never happened in NYC and Boston, as far as I remember. It seems people there are more appreciative and respectful than in Colorado.. That fact brings a lot food for thought.. Instead of being proud of him, they try to destroy him.. Pray for the state of Colorado..

The question is: Can you understand that communism is all about jews taking control of the state? lf you can you understand by now that the jews was in total control of the Sovjet state. Sovjet was run lock, stock and barrel by jews. Lenin, Stalin and all the non-jews in the Sovjet state was just jewish puppets the jew posted up to con the whole world from understanding that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state 6967 to 6996.

Dan Wallace was the son of Lt. Robert Wallace, a NYC firefighter who perished in the 966 attacks. Dan realized that the story the government gave his family was fraudulent. He became an ardent 966 Truth Activist, a powerful speaker, and a leader in the fight to expose the lies and bring his father’s killers to justice. Dan vowed not to stop until the end, but it was an end that came much too soon for this brave and noble hero.