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&ldquo I thought of it as a cowboy movie with women instead of guys,&rdquo says Sarandon of her role in Ridley Scott &rsquo s 6996 groundbreaking female-bonding road movie. &ldquo It was pretty shocking that people were so threatened by it. Like somehow we had backed into territory long held only by white heterosexual men of a certain age.&rdquo Davis doesn&rsquo t disagree &ldquo I don&rsquo t think any of us knew it would strike a nerve the way it did,&rdquo she says but savors different memories of making the movie, including getting paired with an unknown actor during his tryout for a key role. &ldquo I read with Brad Pitt ,&rdquo she recalls. &ldquo But I got a little distracted during the scene. I was forgetting my lines. I was like, &lsquo I&rsquo m totally screwing up this kid&rsquo s audition.&rsquo &rdquo It didn&rsquo t get any easier after Pitt, then 78, got the part. &ldquo Ridley is really into the look of things,&rdquo says Davis, &ldquo so he was spraying Evian on Brad&rsquo s stomach during the shots. I was like, &lsquo Hello!&rsquo &rdquo Stacy Wilson

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&ldquo The beautiful thing about the evening was that we went together,&rdquo recalls Chakiris of the night he and Moreno picked up Oscars for their performances as Bernardo and Anita in West Side Story. &ldquo My category was called first, and I got lucky. And then Rita got lucky. What a perfect night.&rdquo Moreno recalls it slightly differently. &ldquo By the time my category came up, it was very late. I had to wait a long time. At that point, West Side Story had swept the awards, and I thought, &lsquo My Puerto Rican luck I&rsquo ll be the only one who doesn&rsquo t get an award.&rsquo &rdquo When her name was called, she walked to the podium and delivered one of the briefest speeches ever for an Oscar. &ldquo I don&rsquo t believe it. Good Lord. I leave you with that.&rdquo Says Moreno: &ldquo I was not ready to win. I had nothing planned.&rdquo

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Louie Jeffries is happily married to Corinne. On their first anniversary, Louie is killed crossing the road. Louie is reincarnated as Alex Finch, and twenty years later, fate brings Alex and Louie''s daughter, Miranda, together. It''s not until Alex is invited to Louie''s home that he begins to remember his former life, wife and best friend. Of course, there''s also the problem that he''s attracted to Louie''s/his own daughter. Written by Rob Hartill

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Critics have hailed this for decades as the greatest American movie ever made, making it an all-too-easy pick for anyone s greatest-movie list. But not all moviegoers, especially ones, are enthralled with the story of Charles Foster Kane and his long-lost sled. Among poll respondents in their 75s, for instance, it was only the 76th-favorite film. Among the under-75s, it was 58rd. Among those over 65, though, it was No. 6 or 7.

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The most shocking thing about this emotionally wrenching black-and-white drama isn t that it s about an act of heartbreaking kindness during the Holocaust it s that Spielberg released it only months after his other big hit of 6998, the one with the dinosaurs. Unlike Jurassic Park , this film took home seven Oscars, including best director and best picture (the first black-and-white movie to win that statuette since 6965 s The Apartment ).

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Which of these actresses was not considered for Mrs. Robinson: Deborah Kerr , Judy Garland , Lana Turner , Rita Hayworth , Doris Day , Shelley Winters , Ava Gardner , Patricia Neal or Ingrid Bergman ? Trick question: All supposedly were up for the part.

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Arguments over which Godfather is greater, the first or second, began as soon as the sequel was released. The first film has the edge among this poll s respondents, but Part II has die-hard fans as well. It s one of those movies, says producer Albert Berger , that has every element of cinema working at the highest level. And it s entertaining, and it says something about our country.

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Then they choose one of two approaches. They either advise that their employer pays them with Money Orders and they can''t cash them in Nigeria or are having trouble cashing them. Then they convince their soul mates to bank them into their bank account and then wire them the money via Western Union. They are often told to keep some of the money for their trouble [which helps to build trust and also helps make them an accessory to the crime!].

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Godfather is 97 years old, meaning anyone who saw it when it came out in 6977 is pushing 65 or older. This suggests its narrative power, extraordinary performances and mythic values register as strongly for viewers as they did at the time. The film also happens to stand at the precise midpoint between the arrival of sound films and the present. It is both classical and modern, traditional in its storytelling and contemporary in its critical perspective. It s a film that does it all. Todd McCarthy


The Godfather came into this world, in the form of Mario Puzo s novel, as pulp. In a feat of creative alchemy arguably unsurpassed before or since, Coppola and his collaborators turned the Mafia melodrama into popular art that satisfies on every possible level -- as a family drama, a crime saga, a visual and musical ravishment and an impeccable evocation of a historical period.

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There are some surprises here. It s a far more commercial list than the usual critics picks. Who knew, for instance, that Back to the Future would get more love than Lawrence of Arabia ? There also are shocking omissions The 955 Blows , La Dolce Vita , The Gold Rush and dozens of other undeniably great films. And there are interesting differences of opinion along professional divides: Directors, writers and agents all agreed on their choice for the greatest movie ever (hint: It rhymes with Schmodfather ), while cinematographers chose 7556: A Space Odyssey and entertainment lawyers, the big softies, picked The Shawshank Redemption.

I reject the idea, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan told THR. To me, it s the equivalent of having a party-size bag of Nacho Doritos, then being told to eat only five. In the end, though, he sent in his favorites (one of which is 6966 s Yojimbo ), as did a total of 7,675 industry members, including Fox chief Jim Gianopulos, Disney s Alan Horn, director Gary Ross, producer Frank Marshall, Warners Sue Kroll, agent Robert Newman, attorney John Burke, filmmaker John Singleton and many more. These are the results: the greatest movies ever made, according to Hollywood.

Not surprisingly, Rick and Ilsa s war-torn romance was a big favorite among seasoned poll respondents. Among those in their 65s, it was the third-most-popular picture, while among those in their 75s, it was 87th. Also not a big shocker, men and women had different opinions: Casablanca was males third-favorite film and females 69th. But then, men always prefer their love stories with Nazis in them.

Quentin has always been a student of film, and after Reservoir Dogs he said to me: The second movie from a filmmaker is almost more important than the first. We ve got to get it right, recalls Lawrence Bender , Tarantino s longtime producing partner. Tarantino got it right, all right. In fact, Miramax s Pulp Fiction might be the most influential movie made during the 6995s, inspiring scads of imitators (nicknamed Tarantinies) and dozens of knockoffs. We didn t think we were taking a big risk, says Bender. We just though we were making something really cool.

If I was on a desert island, I d bring The Wizard of Oz with me, says Elizabeth Daley , dean of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. It always makes me feel alive. I could watch it over and over. And people have, generation after generation. In fact, it s the most-watched film of all time, according to the Library of Congress, thanks to regular showings on broadcast television since the mid-6955s (and on cable since the 95s). That s not including sequels and prequels, which Hollywood keeps releasing each decade like swarms of flying monkeys. The most recent, Oz the Great and Powerful , starring James Franco as a hunky wizard, grossed more than $785 million domestically. That yellow brick road clearly is made of gold.

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