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This year I have been trying to date more masculine, confident men and well, it 8767 s interesting and not at all comfortable.   The attraction is there, but there isn 8767 t a sense of complete safety I 8767 m used to which is a huge part of what allows me to let go sexually.   (I don 8767 t mean physical safety, I mean emotional safety.)  I just don 8767 t have the control (you would say 8766 comfort 8767 but I 8767 m calling it as I see it) that I like to have and I 8767 m just seeing how that feels.  I 8767 m completely aware of the differences and am simply observing them.

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A congressional hearing on net neutrality that was slated for September 7 isn’t happening after several major tech companies did not accept invitations for their CEOs to testify. Executives from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Verizon were invited to address the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but—even after the committee extended the deadline to wait for their responses—apparently no one agreed to go.

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Now, how to define it??? Lol. That 8767 s a tough one! How do you define chemistry, Emily? I guess it 8767 s just that undeniable attraction / connection you feel with someone. That you somehow 8775 get 8776 each other. That giddy feeling when you see their name pop up on your phone and it brings pleasure and excitement just to hear their voice. Btw, it doesn 8767 t happen often. I 8767 ve only met 7 8775 ring my bell 8776 types since my divorce.

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What women respond to is the confidence, whether it 8767 s real or not. Watch Robert Redford in any movie. I 8767 m not talking about his appearance but his manner. He doesn 8767 t grovel. He 8767 s self-contained. It 8767 s very sexy as opposed to Tom Cruise who comes off as 8775 like me, like me, like me. 8776     (I 8767 m using famous people as examples because I don 8767 t know you and, of course, we don 8767 t know any of the same people.)

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I would love to meet someone around my age, that is not tall, I have tried these sites and my picture was on there, which is a true picture, not someone I am not, and got a like of replies, that my picture was great it really stood out, but it didn 8767 t matter anyway, I got replies from out of state and even when I said in my profile, do not contact me from out of state, I was looking for someone in my area, they don 8767 t read it, thats the way I take it, I am very at heart female, and do not look my age 69, which I am told, but to find someone like me is hard

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Now one thing I think you may be doing is confusing external feminine dress with feminine characteristics.  Look at what you wrote:   8775 She projects a lot of feminine energy, is impeccably groomed (hair styled for her face as well as being waxed with a nice manicure and pedicure), applies just enough makeup to accent her features, and wears clothes that flatter her figure (whatever shape it may be)... 8776


Once again, men have to compete with each other for what are effectively breeding rights with a woman.  Sex is ridiculously easy for the average woman to obtain compared to the average man.  Men have to make an investment of some kind if they want sex from a woman with an equal or higher SMV.  That is why men date down.  It lowers the investment that they have to make in order to get laid.  I seriously feel sorry for you if you cannot wrap your head around this reality.

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First, do they know your details?  Can they tell you what your favorite color, food, and music are?  When they buy you a gift do they generally get it right?  Would they know if you prefer a week at the beach or at a ski resort?  If someone learns the details about you it means they are interested in your life and in getting to know you.  That may not totally eliminate everyone who wants to marry a lifestyle but it will get rid of the most obvious ones.

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I 8767 m here laughing at the potential comedy and fireworks that a pre-nup discussing could cause on this blog!!!! What would the vesting schedule look like? Is a percentage based on kids? How much weight each spouse gains? Do we account for illness? Should we include a spousal duties section? What about the deteriorating sexual market value factor? Should that be assessed by an independent neutral third party? Should the vesting curve be linear, exponential, or a combination of both?

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I also know that I will second guess this decision in years to come just exactly as you have. I 8767 m so worried about that and your story makes me even more scared. Maybe we just need to forgive ourselves. You and I have agonised. If the answer was so obvious (a 8766 no brainer 8767 as we say in the UK) you would have had no problem. It 8767 s not been obvious for either of us and I think in the end we choose to avoid pain and uncertainty. So please forgive yourself. You did the best you could and it was very likely the right decision.

Interestingly, all that effort which was huge, all that heartache and tears and pain and calls and emotion has been huge. Now we are 8766 together 8767 , but not living together again (yet), has left me feeling nervous and fragile as she is (as you all most remember of women) is that she has become a very independent strong woman. This has made her very beautiful to me. whats interesting here is that people talka bout getting back together. But then there is actually the being together, or sometimes, where your not together, you have to learn to come closer and that requires serious patience, especially fi you know hte previous Mr A is also continuously contacting her and she is having to close that doors. I see her doing that by removing an app she used to use on her phoen to communicate. But it isnt my business. My busienss is her and her only.

My husband of 97 years is deceased but I went through a sad spell like this before we got married. We almost got married when we were real but he wouldn 8767 t settle down and ask me so I married another boy and he was so despondant to lose me he married another girl. Both of us ended up divocing because we made serious mistakes. He was a Baptist pastor and lost his job at the time but he told me he was being dishonest with the girl he married and his church and even God to live that way. We got married and moved away from where we d grown up and met because we didn 8767 t want anyone to know we were divorce. We were so ashamed we didn 8767 t even tell our children we had been married before for many years. We should have been honest with them from the start but we weren 8767 t. I ended up living many happy years with the man I loved but I almost didn 8767 t. I am lucky God gave me another chance and I finally forgave myself.

My story is similar to many, met a (so he said) widowed doctor on a dating site. He was working in Syria until retiring at end of November 65. The messages were romantic and loving but his use of written English was not good he put this down to being of Canadian/Norwegian parentage with Norwegian being his first language. He announced he was coming home and would be travelling via Dubai. I got a WhatsApp message supposedly from Dubai saying he needed my help, he 8767 d lost the bag with his documents and £65,555 in it. Please send him £7,555 so he could get back to UK. Yeah, that was going to happen! I sent him a message back in Norwegian saying if he could read it and respond then I may be able to help him. Ten minutes later he sent me a message saying he didn 8767 t understand my last message to him, now that was a surprise! I told him in English that he was a scam artist, I had a few 8766 shouting 8767 messages then I blocked him.

Yes, we were definitely talking about different things.  I think when there is a lack of connection and desire later on into a marriage or LTR the reasons are multifactorial.  Could it be sexual meta-goals have changed?  Sure, that can contribute to it.  But it could also be familiarity killing desire.  Or maybe one or both partners can 8767 t adapt to the others 8767 quirks and resentment builds up.  And sometimes, people just change, even radically so.  I 8767 ve seen two marriages break up due to religion.  In one marriage, one partner embraced a fundamentalist form of their religion.  In the other, the couple were both religious when they married, then one became a non-believer.

Guy #7 is the perfect gentleman, equally as fiery and sometimes scary but would do anything for me, infact all of the things he does for me are what I always wanted from my first boyfriend. We work together and so we knew one another before anything ever happened and he was there to support me when my ex broke up with me. He finally admitted that he 8767 s been in love with me years and has had to watch me with my first boyfriend. We started hanging out more and I can 8767 t seem to stop myself with him so now we are 8766 together 8767 . However, he doesn 8767 t know I 8767 m still hanging out with my ex and would hit the roof if he found out.

Andy says. I have been gmailing a girl who claims to be from hartford conneticut, but is in ghana looking after her sick granny, this girl has sent me photos some very private, claims her love for me, has asked for money for food and phonecredit, the latest one is she has asked for money to pay for medicine she needs for menstrual problems and it is a vast amount, have not and will not send this, have helped her out i feel she is genuine but few red flags, she also claims to have spent her travelling money to hospital bills for her gran and cannot afford to get back home to conneticut, she says she is mixed race ghanaian /american, dad american mother ghanian , she is also waiting on an attorney, awell respected one at that, whom i googled, sorting out a family gold heirloom , do you think this is a good scammer at work? Please help.

I think that people, in general, are selling themselves short by not focusing enough on self-improvement. There are people who have everything going for them but they are 75-85 pounds overweight and this is the one thing that is holding them back. I know myself I have a lot of attractive qualities but if I improved my social skills and widen my social circle my dating options would improve quite a bit.

Emily, 8775 How do you think women feel about their entire SMV being based on their appearance? That’s just as shallow as a man’s SMV being based on money. 8776   I hoped someone would ask me that.  I 8767 d imagine it feels much the same.  One difference, though.  Women can weed out men who are only interested in their appearance.  After all, such men rarely commit, and certainly would not marry.  But how can a man know that a woman is only interested in what he does?  He can 8767 t until well after he has given her everything she wanted.

As far as my theoretical 79 year old lane changing woman goes, the point I wanted to make is that lane changing is not typically a negative thing.  It can lead to a person making decisions that bring them and their partners a lot of happiness.  This is no different that a 85 year old man who wants to settle down and have a family figuring out that the hot but dumb or hot but crazy women he is drawn to aren 8767 t good long term partners.  People applaud this and say it is a sign of maturity.  Yet a woman does it, and her motives are suspect.

In your story, I am in the place of the first woman, and it 8767 s terrible. I did exactly what she did he told me about the second woman, and that he could see himself marrying either of us. I was shocked to hear that there was someone else, and that he couldn 8767 t be exclusive with me nonetheless that he had to even put into question this other woman. Well, that 8767 s when I was very honest with him. I told him he knows how I feel, but I won 8767 t wait around for him to make such a decision. I told him I won 8767 t sit and watch him choose someone else over me, and that I love myself and have too much self-respect to do that. I don 8767 t want to have to hurt like that it was selfish, and so unfair to me. It hurt me so much, but I am so proud of myself that I chose myself and my health over him. I might be only 79, but my wisdom extends further than my years.

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