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At this point I 8767 m not looking for validation from society or anyone else. Many will be jealous. Some will question the decision. You only live once. Live the way you want to and try not to judge others 8767 choices. You can squeeze a toothpaste tube from the bottom or the top. It still comes out the end. But, I 8767 ve known husbands and wives who 8767 ve fought over it and ended up having to get separate tubes for each. Accepting each others differences is part of life.

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It 8767 s absolutely selfish for me to even consider working less than the number of years I went to school. I think back upon my childhood years and how much effort my parents put into raising me. My mother would spend hours a week sitting down with me after dinner to explain mathematical equations My father would read all my essays and fix all the punctuations and grammatical mistakes. I would feel like a disgrace not to at least try and do great things.

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I know that I do! My knowledge of fun things to do around town wasn t directly acquired as a way of attracting dates, but now that I have it, I enjoy sharing it with people who might not know that the coffee shop has a really talented band that plays on certain nights or that the educated crowd hangs out at an unlikely venue. From what I remember, those sorts of things were even more prized in larger cities where picking out special places from the din was a more admired talent. Also, in a larger city, letting your date pick means they won t be stuck traveling somewhere inconvenient. Some people will take the opportunity just for that reason (even if you yourself wouldn t have been insensitive about such matters).

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Actually I think the definition of early retirement varies. For some people, such as myself, early retirement is not about no longer working rather, it 8767 s about having enough money to quit working because you have to, and work because you want to. I 8767 m already retired but I 8767 m still serving my country in the military. I will probably do this for 85 years, not for the pension or benefits, but because I just love what I do and it makes me happy doing it. I get to travel a lot, spend time with my daughter, do side projects (I own a real estate company) teach, and do so many more things. Retirement is not about not working it 8767 s about working on what makes you happy, irregardless of money.

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Let s say you are somebody who is generally seen as unattractive, at least as far as your personality and lifestyle are concerned. That s not feeling caused by your low self-esteem, but a fact. If you have no problem with yourself and would rather not chance, then hiding your true self and being somebody else is a very viable tactic, and also pretty much your only one. Of course it s rather emotionally taxing and impossible to keep up for very long, but hopefully just long enough. Then you can go back being, for example, quiet and withdrawn. Traits that, thanks to the globalization and Anglo-American culture, are being seen as character flaws in much of the world.

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7) You run out of money. No matter how conservative we are in our retirement money needs, something unforeseen may happen. Maybe you have a medical disaster, or your house blows down. Maybe your investments tank due to a massive economic downturn. Who knows what the future holds. But if you partake in 8775 normal 8776 early retirement, without the mega-millions windfall, you may find yourself needing more one day. Again, a large employment gap is perceived as riskier by the employer and you may be un-hireable. Here 8767 s a savings guideline by age you should consider.

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At first thought, early retirement is not selfish if you have a family. I 8767 m guessing most people want to build a big enough nest egg to take care and enjoy the world with their families. However, for those who don 8767 t have familes, what 8767 s wrong with seizing the day and living their lives to the fullest? On second thought, you do have a great point about parents slaving away Two birds with one stone, retire early enough so you can treat your parents for the sacrifices they have made. Dunno if there is an ideal age. 55? Reach your potential, but still be healthy enough to enjoy your free time? When is the right time? I 8767 m sure you 8767 ll know With a raging bull market, definitely less people will retire early. Most people are naturally greedy so of course they have to fully partake in the money grab! :)

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OP here. I 8767 ve rescheduled a dermatologist no less than 5 times this year to attend meetings because I feel too guilty to say I can 8767 t go because of an appointment that some may not consider 8775 important 8776 . While I try to be accommodating, it is an appointment I need to get to and cannot reschedule indefinitely. I do not consider getting sports injury checked out to be not time sensitive either, especially when leaving it unchecked could lead to serious damage down the line. I value my health and am working on balancing my calendar accordingly.

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And I think she can lean as hard on the pregnancy to justify not going as she has to because she shouldn 8767 t be in this position to begin with. In the global sense I hate that, since she shouldn 8767 t need a medical reason to refuse but for the OP personally absolutely she should hammer the pregnancy issues as hard as she has to because it 8767 s ridiculous and there is an added layer of complication of being away from her doctors.

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Will have to disagree. Out of the 8775 gazillions of things 8776 out there a person can do with their time, if someone believes work is that thing, then more props to them! Who are we to say that someone is a loser for loving their work and making an income to boot? I suspect the person who loves their work sooner or later will think, 8775 Wow, I would do this for FREE and yet still get paid! 8776

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Being early retired myself (or financially independent before 55) what I experienced is very different from what you describe. I find that old coworkers just don 8767 t want to hear about it. The are negative about the concept and would see me as delusional. How do you raise your hand when everyone is complaining they will never retire on their current salary and saw 8775 Well, I have a million dollars socked away on the same income as you? 8776 No one is interested in hearing that. So I just don 8767 t say much about it snuck out the back door without telling anyone I was retired. I think your version of the loud early-retiree is skewed because only the loud ones are on the net.

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I 8767 m one of those people who LOVES team activities. LOVES them. Generally speaking, at least. But if my company planned something like this and I made clear how strongly I objected to it and they did it anyway? I would be PISSED. I don 8767 t want to work somewhere that doesn 8767 t provide a workplace of respect and dignity. As soon as they announced the offsite at the cabin, I 8767 d grab a pad of paper and a pen and would have my resignation note of 8775 My last day at SoonToBeExCompany will be 8776 written in about 85 seconds. I 8767 d then verbally wish them well and head back to my desk to write up my exit plan to transition my work.

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I 8767 m amazed here how much people expect to retire on. I 8767 m looking to retire in about 75k$. A year. I reckon my living is about half that, bills food etc. The rest is just spending money. I have a nice house paid for, cars including Porsche paid for. I don 8767 t waste money in fancy restaurants. I do my own DIY., lawns, cars etc. My wife will have the same, so between about 95k. This seems more than enough. For us to have a comfortable life. Here in the UK health is free for example. I know it will be a fraction of what I 8767 m used to, but I 8767 m already trying to live on this to see what 8767 s possible. The biggest hits for me are holidays, so our private villas will have to go, so maybe ill come to to earth a bit.

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Yeah, there was an ad on TV in my country some ten years ago that played with phrasing like that. I was a teenager at that time and had never before seen recognition of the hard work that goes into leading a houshold on TV, so it was really meaningful to me at that time and it was just a cute-and-fun ad (for something completely unrelated, though, I think a chocolate bar or something?). But like you say, it would be very weird to see this during the hiring process and with complete seriousness.

Great post! I just realized myself a few years ago while i was studying that its possible to 8775 retire 8776 early. Now as i got my first job am working on that goal again. On the other hand i have learned that early retirement is only one goal, but its not what life is about. For me, it is only the foundation to do all the things in life that i would love to do. I wish you good luck on your journey! I will keep on following your posts :)

Sure, but does that mean it 8767 s OK to use sick leave for anything that helps them cope with the aftermath of a serious illness? I 8767 m not being snarky, but honestly wondering I have never worked a job with paid sick leave (retail/food service and now contract) and honestly am not sure what it 8767 s generally supposed to be for. Just when you 8767 re sick? Medical appointments OK too makes sense, mental health days definitely. Beyond that, would it really be acceptable for one person to use sick leave for a hair appointment (or a circus show, or a petting because it made them feel better after cancer, but not another person who it just made feel better?

I 8767 ve also played the mom card: in my country, you can have paid leave of up to 9 months. I only used 6, and let my husband keep the rest. I used the free time (surprisingly enough, there 8767 s free time when baby is small) to read into a new topics of interest: politics, economics, and environment. I also started blogging about those issues. If we get another, we might move abroad for the duration of the leave.

Hold on so your premise is essentially 8775 he 8767 ll leave me when he finds the girl he really wants 8776 . Who is to say he can get the girl he really wants? So, in order for you to not feel 8775 settled 8776 for, you have to have a man that not only views you as an option, but his number one pick over all the other girls after him? This kind of sounds like a guy is really only a good prospect if he is wanted by other women sort of like redpill guys talk about preselection and women wanting what other women have

I find that I am conflicted about forums like http://- where it seems that some people don 8767 t have a 8766 grand purpose 8767 or even compelling goals that they want to achieve. Their days are free, yes but are they meaningful or just filled with mindless activity and minutiae just self-directed rather than employment-directed? I don 8767 t know, sometimes I even wonder what the point of blogging itself is.
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First, this is a woman who clearly doesn’t give a shit about her child’s well-being and future prospects.  Children of single mothers do poorly on every imaginable scale:  they have more emotional problems, experience more stress, are more likely to grow up poor, they have lower educational achievements and experience way more behavioral problems than children who grow up with married parents.  Depression, suicide, drug abuse, jail and psychiatric medications are all more common in populations of children raised by single mothers.

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