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Virgo Man: Svengali Of The Zodiac | The Mirror of Aphrodite

Posted: 2017-12-06 13:59

I looked up the definition of svengali.

- A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired.
- A person who controls another s mind, usually with sinister intentions

Do you think Virgo s are the worst sign for this? More sinister than Aries men and scorpio men?

Perhaps they are more so than an Aries..but surely not a Scorpio?

omg ive been researching virgo traits and came across this am horrified and enlightened at the same time, even some giggles. ive been seeing this virgo man for awhile now..he is captivating, sweet, sexy, reliable. he has so many good qualities. but as we sit staring into each others eyes lovingly (maybe its just me lol) he asks me why my house isn t clean! I want to laugh and tell him to get on it, but I realize hes totally serious, so I try to give him legitimate reasons that he doesn t buy ha ha. as im getting to know him, im not really shocked anymore, but realize I must keep this amusement to judges my entire personality on things I do or don t do? he puts labels on me that are nowhere near the truth/except in his imagination. at first I looked at him like WHAT???? lol now I see this is just the way he is, PERFECT..and nothing I say or do will ever measure up to his expectations. in fact, I do know how to cook a sandwich lol although he wonders whats wrong with me that I don t. in fact, he has judged me so harshly he may never get that elusive sandwich lol I

You wrote that a Virgo man will keep his partner at arms length. I am experiencing this and its very hard. I am a Pisces and a very sensitive feeling woman... he is not or atleast doesn t show it. He maintains he loves me and I am his girl and he thinks I am a keeper, but I am struggling here ... he gets so moody and icy and don t want to talk or see me. I love him, but very frustrated! Advice please.

And defense is used in war against an opponent or an oncoming threat.
The end result is that Virgo is then seen as an opponent and threat to the other individual, which completely defeats (self-defeating) their intention of actually pulling the other individual closer to them.

I m very ashamed of what I have done regarding that as I confused my love and lost them, in part, as a result. But as a Virgo or just my background as a human (not sure which, perhaps a mix of both), I did not realise I was doing it in a bad way, I was doing it innocently almost as I did not realise how to do it properly to get the right result. It was by reading and taking a look deeply within myself/the mirror, that I realised how unattractive and self-defeating it was.

I got this lesson from analysing and learning about myself, after a lesson on it from a more heart on your sleeve Aries and a Taurus.

Okay if you insist, here s your original comment:

Gee I m i m a Virgo and reading your analysis I should be really screwed up but I m not. All signs have good & bad included and I m a Karmic Astrologer taking into account far more aspects than Sun -sign factors. Put you sign up and I ll pick the Shit out of you arsehole (must be my Scorpio rising).

Im a virgo woman 7/9/76 and last year I met a virgo male 9/9/75, this guy has run away and come back so many times, completely falls off the planet for sometimes weeks, sometimes months, then reappears, always saying how he has messed things up, wants to make it up to me blah blah blah.. stupid me falls for it.., an what do ya know instead of disappearing this time, he txt this morning after having left my house for work maybe 8 hours before saying it was all getting a bit much for him.. the thing is, the spark we have even tho its amazing, this guy has some serious issues, so frustrating

this is really discouraging reading this as a Virgo male. Especially that it can last a lifetime to conquer this inner conflict. What is good about this typical Virgo male being described? They can service people? And even then they can still be selfish? and he s not an asshole? but they re never happy. no other sign in the zodiac has such a bleak future perscribed by people who write these articles (whoever they are and however well studied they are in astrology)

Hi Pisces female here. I ve being dating Virgo boyfriend for almost a year now. When we re good everything seems right, just by looking at each other s eyes I feel safe in his arms. He asks for hugs when I see him and although it crosses my mind to give him but I still love that he asks for it hehe. He s not the obvious romantic but he certainly does Littles things that when u think back on it makes u smile and appreciate him. Yes, he also acts cold and disappears from social media when I contact him he might not reply but he would call me later to check up on me. From my short experience, u just gotta be patient and love and care for them without smothering them. I compare my Virguy to a cat, no offense to you guys. When ur cat comes to you little vulnerability or wants a cuddle, just shh and enjoy the moment cos before u say awwww, he s gone. Lol enjoy the moments and care for them. I truly wish we d be together forever. As he once said I want us to become one.

I am a libra female (and libra in rising) who met a virgo man on about three months ago. Unfortunately I don t know what is his rising sign but he is born on September the 7nd. He lives in the States and I live in Denmark, which is the reason that we haven t met in real life yet. However, he is coming to see me in the end of February. I have a really hard time trying to figure him out. After writing each other on fb for a month, we started texting instead. We text each other every day. We have spoke on the phone 5 times. Except for one time, he is the one calling me. He is not exactly flirting but he gives me a lot of compliments and sending me long messages. And all of a sudden he turnes cold for several days. Sometimes more than a week. Then he turns back again and starts complimenting me and calls me. I am very confused and frustrated. I have no clue if he likes me or not. This behavior is just going on and on. He is constantly turning from hot to cold to hot. It is really driving me crazy. What should a girl do..

I have been dating this virgo for a few months,,, i am an aquarius i think he is over all wonderful. With that being said everyone has their faults i have started to see the good and bad but in my oppinion i want to see it all i want to know it all. i do think he is over critical of himself and because of this has strong views towards people he likes or cares about. He is very clean i like that alot tho. He didnt like going out but is starting to change because i do. I believe i can so far live with his does change how he acts around friends which bothers me because i act the same around others but maybe its just because he not exactly comfortable with the display of his feelings while others are around. I got a plan for that tho. i think if you go with the flow with a virgo unless its too much for you then it will work out...

I became friends with a married Virgo man. After a couple of weeks of talking (and intense flirting) he admitted to being very unhappy in his marriage, not liking anything about himself or his life, and missed his freedom . I told him that he was perfect in my eyes and relished all the things that I thought was great about him. That still didn t work, he sulked still. So being a Scorpio, I basically told him to change what he didn t like about his life or just learn to accept it. He slowly shut down after that and our communication lessened. He popped up in a text nearly a week later to ask how I was doing and to let me know that he was tired. Just tired. All I could do was reassure him that he would work it out. It s been days since I ve heard from him. I miss our talks, but I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders now that he has withdrawn. I really do wish him well.

I may buy that book: Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes - hadn t heard of that.

Thanks for the information about Fire signs Lady Mirror :)

May sound odd, but I feel my destiny is to marry a fire sign man, but I need to ensure with the next one I am with, I keep his coals burning away as embers as a gentle pace so that it doesn t go out, and just chuck alcohol on it now and again to give it that big spark. Because they really are a hell of a lot of fun. Sorry Virgo men for writing about fire sign men on your page! Don t be down, Mirror says your white hot! lol.

Thank you so so much for your prompt response, I really appreciate that you take some of your time to answer us, you are awesome!
I m following your advice, but now I dunno what to do. Right after I apply the NC, he send me a text after one day of no response, I ignored him, then next day same thing I once again ignored him. The third day he erases his fb profile, but only for a day! Then he comes back and in his status just said he needed sheer quiet. I don t know if that was something to do with me, but again I m not responding. Ten he doesn t try to contact me for the following 5 days. Today I get this text from him: I m not sure if you ll reply to this text but I hope to talk or see you another day.
I know you said 7 weeks of doing nothing , so it has been just one should I do? Please advice me one more time! ( also we had plans to go on a weekend getaway this coming weekend, but now I already made plans with my gfs.)
Much much love,

Here is my update:
I waited two days to reply his msg, and I replied something like meaning to get back at you, but been so busy, lets get together sometime soon so he replied: oh wow I thought you got that upset at me. The day is so warm and nice. (WTH?!?)
I didn t know what to reply to that, so know he thinks everything is good and dandy? Did I reply to soon or did I reply the wrong thing? Today he sent me another saying that all week is going to be nice, I agreed and once again I think I m at square one? Yes I don t understand and I need m not good at this!

Hmmm this is kind of stupid, we are the perfect sign. No other can resemble us, you know we came to earth to show you all little brats how to have a well lived life, if you think it s criticizing then go get a damn gemini or something, who will cheat and backstab at you. If you got any good argument then go ahead, but diminishing a Virgo like this is quite offensive and actually cynical of you.

As much as I agree with the chameleon view, this sounds like a negative half ass version of what a Virgo has to offer, fueled by bitterness. If all virgo males are such rude cynical perfectionists assholes then why would you date one (oops I forgot they re stable). What you wrote has a ton of truth but its like reading an incomplete math problem. Even the attempted positive virgo paragraph sounded bitter. 6 + (blank) = 7. Something s missing. Even though you went into detail about that first 6. Where s the other half of the equation.