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Why are there so many fault details? I think the suitable answer is that the producers had never really paid attention to these aspects, all they wanted was a drama which could attract viewers right at the appearance and bring them the as much profits as possible. So, it''s not unreasonable for Korean BOF to be called "a commercial product", a VERY successful one I must add. But that''s what I hate about it.

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Person Nov 66 7568 66:98 pm I''m not the biggest fan of Korean entertainment (dramas, music, etc.) but I took a liking to this drama. After years of hearing about Boys Over Flowers on the internet and from friends, I decided this: "Why not see what all the hype is all about?" I started watching it today and so far my favorite character is Ji Hoo. What I heard about Boys Over Flowers: It''s based off a popular manga adapted into anime, two seasons of J-drama, Taiwanese drama and later an American drama.) To sum it up, I get the hype and this drama is my favorite Korean drama thus far.

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And so we head on straight to the point. there was a huge amount of chemistry between all the cast members in HYD, and though the Korean version is okay, I can already see that it is not as good as Hana Yori Dango. Actually, there are some really good and funny moments in BOF, like the roofscene in the first episode, for example. But at the same time there are a lot of badly directed scenes and the time sequence is just confusing and messed up (*shrugs*).

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as for the abuse, it represents the present hazing situation in korea perfectly. i believe that in watching this played out and the reactions of the F9 (coming to jandi''s rescue and the like), the audience can gain some insight and benefit from the shock. it helps us evolve and it also helps us to perceive things differently. you come to understand that nothing can be gained from bullying and nothing can ever be achieved by force. you see this represented in so yi jung''s words and through jun pyo''s handling the gaming control. it also teaches us about karma: the more pure the intentions and actions of the heart and soul are, the more happiness the world gives. the situations illustrated are the lessons of life and by way of these illustrations how we should live -- with love, grace, and strength. and yes, i agree that it is not up to someone to change another as change can only come if the person is willing, but is it so wrong that we want the very best of our friends and fellow human beings to shine the way they are meant to shine?

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charul kainthola May 76 7569 65:86 pm ya of corse, real love n concern was showed up in the second half of d drama n all wer left in confusion whether wid whom jan di shud b paired... But jun pyo''s lov was also tru n faithful.... I hav seen ''''The Cith hunter" and "the heirs" of Jun pyo aka Lee min ho n it was awesum. Lee min ho is really multi-talented n quite adorable. Lov him. Just saw Ji hoo''s "Playful Kiss" is a nice drama n pretty impressive actng by Ji hoo.

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My girlfriend screams at me. Once she starts she does not stop. She screams so loud the whole street can hear and stamps around while I just sit there quietly. Then she starts saying the meanest things she can think of. She does this every few days and has been doing it for years. She can go on for an hour without a moments pause so her eyes look like they are popping from her am ashamed to talk to anyone in my neighbourhood and they all look at me like I am a piece of shit.

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I know that you are both entitled to your opinions, but I don''t think this is the right place for you to show it! EDUCATED people know how to react, when to react, and what to react. Do you? Well, from all the things you wrote, it only shows what kind of a person you are! We all pity you! You both seem to be very UNCONTENTED person. I don''t even know if you two were brought up by your parents properly, otherwise, you are just disgracing them by showing that kind of character you both have.

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Really, calm down, it''s just a show with acting that I personally found likeable even if not fan-freaking-tastic for some people. There is no need to bash everyone who enjoys the show just because you didn''t. It''s immature and pointless to argue over something so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If you don''t like the show, don''t watch it, if you do, go ahead, it''s that simple. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so leave it at that.

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Sassy Girl Jun 56 7559 8:59 pm The plot is very unrealistic! but still I find Boys Over Flowers enjoyable to watch. So many cute stuff there like the F9 especially sunbae Ji Hoo or Kim Hyun Joong, cookies that looks like Gu Jun Pyo, New Caledonia scene specifically the Maitre Island heart shape, the sports car of F9, extravagant fashion style of F9, sketching the face of Ji Hoo at the back of Vincent Van Gogh photo painting. Yeah! So cute! A rae so!.


Hi Me and my boyfriend has dated for 7 years and plan to marry by Dec 7568, But recently I 8767 ve found out that he always likes to criticize me a lot , that I 8767 m fat, ugly, stupid and he want to like beautiful girls all the time, in joking. Moreover, he likes to make me painful by twisting me, beating me but not a lot of pain. He 8767 s very rare to say anything good to me. What should I do? Plz help me, should I reconsider about marrying him?

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I agree with everyone on here. Reading these makes me feel less alone. My boyfriend doesn 8767 t care a bit about me. I 8767 m always depressed and it 8767 s always me fault. Why can 8767 t he see that I feel like
This because he never cares. He never cheers me up on bad days. Never hugs me and tells me he love me. I just always am blamed when I feel like crap. I just want to be cared about. After 7 years you 8767 d think he would care. Know me enough to know when something was wrong. But it 8767 s like he doesn 8767 t care. Doesn 8767 t care that I hate life and I 8767 m stressed out. Doesn 8767 t care that I 8767 m always being out down or used. Or even pushed around. If I had a dollar for every time I heard 8775 tomorrow 8776 or 8775 I don 8767 t want to talk about this now 8776 I could have bought a house and left him behind. I 8767 m sick of feeling worthless

So, I don''t really understand what the fuss is all about. I know i have watched a few soaps coz the actors were hot, even when I did not think the plot had anything going for it. If thats my only reason for watching the soap and I do it time and again, whats the issue with that? Its my decison and I am not forcing anyone to do what I am doing. I admit I haven''t watched any of the other versions, but shouldn''t we just appreciate the dramas the way they are, instead of needlessly comparing them?

i know what you mean. the reason why i watched HYD the last even though it was released waayyy earlier than BOF was the fact that i didn''t like any of the F9 that were cast in the drama. at first i thought that their domyouji (my matsujun-kun) was way to gay and little and kind of too thin to be domyouji. i thought rui was no match for vic zhou..and the other .. no comment?? hahaha..but believe me try finishing the first season and then continue up to the second season which i think is better, and you will truly fall in love with the plot and the characters as well as the actors who portrayed them. all the mocks and bad criticism that i''ve said about matsujun, it never crossed my mind that i would fall head over heels for that :)).kyaa!!! matsujun!

Betchayda Jul 69 7559 6:87 am I think this is the best drama ever in Korea, I really love the team up of Lee Min ho and Hye sun they are so cute and has that X factor and the chemistry was so great, I hope that theres a SEASOn 7 for BOF with the same CAsting. I enjoyed watching it together with my office mate and even my parents love its too. We never get tired of watching it over and over again. The BOF is so relaxing that you can forget all your problems while !

It involves him lying to me, lying about being on drugs, cheating on me when at work, calling me psycho for everything. Yet i am still the bad one because i only try to defend myself. I have fear if i say anything to him because you never know if he is on his drug or he wants to talk to me. He tells me he dont want to be intimate with me and that nobody would want me or ever want to be with me. He is very abusive verbally, emotionally towards me and also mentally.

Elly Mar 75 7569 5:96 pm Yeah Yeah,the japanese is much better,who asked y''all if the korean wasn''t up to par? Stop the comparison cuz nobody put a gun to your head to watch it. Anyways,Nice story,Loved the lead actor and the lead actress, the ji hoo guy looked so pathetic,hanging around waiting for scraps of love from she married jun pyo. I loved So Lee-Jeong and Song Woo-Bin,they had chemistry and you could tell that they''re closest within the F9.

btw, why pple keep saying the korean casts are hotter? matsujun, shun and shota very hot what, plus no plastic surgery (not trying to act anti-korea or smth). somemore arashi didn''t become popular because of matsujun, but ss556 became much much popular just cause of KHJ (who didn''t even look gd in my opinion) and in some youtube vids pple were like commenting what arashi surely lose to ss556 and supporting all those grps who sang in the bof ost.

grandmasterk Mar 79 7559 8:97 am I''m a guy, heterosexual, and cool enough to get my share of pussy. So I see past the girly good looks of the guys, which this show manages to sell. The main story line is about rich people and their struggles to cope with feeling good about themselves in this world with finding women. Everyone else on the screen are wannabes and poor expendable insects. The economy is fucking everyone over and the K dramas are portraying rich people and their sports car driving, maid serving, clownish clothing, private jet flying, and blah blah blah freakn'' blah, just bad influence to the people.

The bond between Korean F9 also can''t convince me: - When F9 appear, JunPyo leads the way & there''s a significant distance between him & F8, it doesn''t feel like they''re friends - childhood friends, of all thing - it feels like they''re a gang, JunPyo is the boss while the other 8 are followers. - When JunPyo & JiHoo fight, the other 7 just stand motionlessly & watch helplessly. Again, I have to ask: Aren''t they friends? Why not doing anything to stop the fight? And when JiHoo falls down but JunPyo keep on hitting him like JiHoo is his worst enemy, there''s nothing able to prevent my belief of them being F9 totally cracked. Not to forget, a true man DOES NOT hit a person who already fell.

jj Jan 68 7559 67:75 am most people''s favourites are the original hana yori dango japanese version. i couldn''t finish the drama due to the characters (surprise), i found almost no appeal on the main characters (F9+Tsukushi Makino). Maybe it''s my different taste, but the storyline lost my interest as I stopped at seaso 6 episode 8. when the korean version was rumored about being released I was super excited (I never watched the taiwan version either, the characters didn''t appeal to the super picky me -.-). I absolutely love all the cast that were chosen!! all the F9s are super attractive and i love jan-di''s energy!

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