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Almost all of these qualities were the same as what they notice in job seekers. Though successful men are not usually so public about their emotions, a bad breakup is seen as a scarlet letter to their circle of friends or colleagues. With that in mind, identified five of the most important qualities successful men notice first when considering dating a woman and assessing the possibility of a future with her.

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Indeed, our members appreciate the commitments involved with a demanding career and many of them are themselves a part of the corporate environment. With an average member age of 85-55, our users are often in the prime of their careers and they know what it is like to have to balance leisure time with long work hours. If you are a single professional looking for love in the US, these will be people on your wavelength.

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This contemplation of an alpha male is really sickening, apparently an alpha male is on par with God Himself. For those who want a simple analogy of an alpha male here it is: an alpha male is a Man, not a boy with hairs on his nuts, a Man. He protects those he cares about, and also those whom he works with, He provides for those he loves from his family he was born into (if he has not created his own yet) or the family he has made then the family he was born into right down to his baby sister or brother and the needs of the nieces and nephews he has from her or him. He is a leader, he cares for his own, ALL his own, because the lose of one is like the lose of his own limbs.

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Take a look at the vast array of articles with titles like “ I Love My Son, But I’m More Than Just A Mom. ” Notice the “just” in the title, suggesting that being a caretaker for the next generation is a trivial matter. These articles frequently include the word “just” in the title as if people in society actually dismiss these women with phrases like, “You’re just a mom.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? Me neither.

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Many factors contribute to a stable marriage, including the marital status of your spouse 8767 s parents (folks with divorced parents are significantly more likely to get divorced themselves), age at first marriage, race, religious beliefs and socio-economic status. And, of course, many working women are indeed happily and fruitfully married it 8767 s just that they are less likely to be so than non-working women. And that, statistically speaking, is the rub.

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Africa may be a cluster fuck but for different reasons not because of having too many kids. If kids were not important, then why does the west keep importing people, it 8767 s because you can 8767 t have a birth rate completely to zero even with all this technology because eventually, you will need consumers, robots and machines may be able to handle some manual labor is not all, but they can 8767 t consume the products that they produce. This western economy is really a ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse, it 8767 s just a question of when not if and then we will see all those career minded women and selfish people eating each other on the streets

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Yes it was my choice-did it my way. Nursing homes are packed full of people that had kids and spouses. Didn 8767 t seem to insulate them from this fate. The lonely old man myth needs to die. Too many poor choices are made over this fear of old age and who will care for you. I have plenty of money so yes I 8767 ll gladly pay some nice nurses to care for me if needed. I see social conditioning is still in full effect here. I never said don 8767 t have kids, just do it for the right reasons. There is no obligation to do so.

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The other reason a career can hurt a marriage will be obvious to anyone who has seen their mate run off with a co-worker: When your spouse works outside the home, chances increase they 8767 ll meet someone they like more than you. 8775 The work environment provides a host of potential partners, 8776 researcher Adrian J. Blow reported in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 8775 and individuals frequently find themselves spending a great deal of time with these individuals. 8776

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my wife came home and said there are all these other men at her office that are better then me.
She rubs elbows with them daily.
They don 8767 t argue with each other.
She likes being told what to do by her boss and obeys him.
She spends more time at work with other males and so eventually she will open her legs for them.
He rewards her with money and words.
She will not talk back to her boss and this makes her feel he is the alpha male in her life. He validates her with rewards.
She will compare you to them subconsciously and consciously.
She will eventually cheat on you.
A woman wants a man that makes more money then her.
I asked my wife to stay home and take care of the children. She refused.
I learned the hard way.
Marry a nice housewife because she is less likely to cheat on you.
God bless.

It could be rooted in some childhood issue they never resolved, or some fiercely competitive streak, or anything in between. Whatever it is, though, if you remind them that you 8767 re proud of them just for, y 8767 know, being them — no career trajectory, no awards, just for who they are — they 8767 ll melt a little bit. And they 8767 ll feel more at ease and comfortable with themselves and you. And who knows? Maybe they won 8767 t take on that extra project, just so they can spend that much more time with you. And that 8767 s when you know that what they feel for you? Yeah, to them, this is real.

Managing a private interventional pain management clinic in Dallas keeps Pablo Patricio Zeballos, DO, very busy, and when he 8767 s not working he 8767 s often coaching his son 8767 s or daughter 8767 s soccer team. So Dr. Zeballos plans a date night, usually once every two weeks, with his wife of 66 years, Laura Spies Zeballos, DO. They often go to the Capital Grille, where his wife orders the lobster and her favorite dessert, coconut cream pie.

And not because they don 8767 t want to see you — but they will constantly say that something came up at the office, or that there 8767 s another project that needs to be completed by x day, or Saturday really needs to be spent at the office because whatever it is, they 8767 ll justify it. Or they 8767 ll try to, at least, and while being ambitious and driven is great, you also deserve your plans to be treated as concretely as their meetings. Schedule it into their calendar, give them one free pass a month otherwise they 8767 ll get fined — but it 8767 s important that they understand that life can, does, and should happen outside of the office.

Our future needs people open to possibilities to resolve issues, people who can think straight, people who can see possibilities where other''s cannot, and people who don''t live in the past. The comment is a billboard for people who do not need to reproduce, and the world should welcome their honesty and their stepping away from reproducing and allowing fitter people to go forth.
MGTOW - you have my full support in remaining free of women and not reproducing.

Depends on the reason why the mom is single. I 8767 d have a lot of respect for a war widow doing her best to raise her late husband 8767 s children as well as she can and am happy for my tax money to support her via a generous war widow 8767 s pension. Doesn 8767 t mean she 8767 d make good wife material as she would constantly compare you to her late husband but she still deserves far more respect than a mom who 8767 s single because your guess regarding the identity of her kid 8767 s father is as good as hers.

Me too. I make almost double the average household income and am barely growing savings or retirement. The modern concept of lifestyle is so screwed up. The majority of the population can 8767 t afford all that shit you see on television. I rarely eat out and often buy used if I need gear, etc. Hell, I buy the wife birthday presents off craigslist. My children are going to grow up in hand-me-downs and Value Village clothing.

The term "career woman," for which there is no male equivalent (ever hear of a "career man?"), has taken on a pejorative meaning to women who have chosen a career over having children. Assuming she''s made a choice to focus on her career instead of getting married (or finding a life partner) and having children with that partner, is a punch in the gut to the amazing single woman who wants to be a mother. It implies the stereotype that she''s cold-hearted, selfish or just completely naïve or in denial about her fertility lifespan. The only proof to the widely-assumed claim that her career is her ultimate focus is that she''s got a job.

It''s equally important that we be sensitive in reading women''s signals. Women want us to be proactive, but when the romantic feelings are not mutual, being aggressive is not cool — it''s creepy. If your advances receive chilly receptions, do not soldier on. Doing so will likely only fortify — not wear down — her defenses. Back off and behave like a brother. Once you''ve made your intentions clear, the ball is in her court. She''ll let you know if her feelings change.

Well career women are the Worst of all women since Most of them i would say are so very full of themselves do to their Greed And Selfishness that they carry around with them Everywhere they go Unfortunately. They usually will want the Best and will Never settle for Less which certainly Explains why many of us Good men are still Single today and always will be. Quite a Change in the women of today since the Good old days when Most of the women back then i would say were Never at all like the women of today are which is very Sad how Most Women are so very Money Hungry today as well.

I forgot to mention that its easier for women to cheat because they get many more offers then men especially if they are in the office settings. She will compare you to her male coworkers daily because that 8767 s what she is around most of the time and they don 8767 t argue with each other the way a husband and wife will. That will also play a huge role in her eventually cheating with the office males.

Another reason not mentioned: Modern Feminism has brainwashed women into believing that prestigious degrees, a 6-figure salary, a corner office, etc. will help them marry a better, higher-status man, when in reality those male status symbols (which come at the expense of her prime beauty/fertility years) make it harder, not easier. 8775 Anything less, 8776 says Modern Feminism, 8775 and you 8767 re 8766 settling'' 8776 .

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