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Posted: 2017-12-05 08:42

Editorial: Expect Pinch on Local Budgets and Services to Worsen
This Detroit Free Press editorial warns of the impact of the new personal property tax reform on our communities. Calculate your local impact with the Department of Treasury''s PPT Plan Local Unit Worksheet. Read a new report showing that Michigan residents feel essential services are in &ldquo worse&rdquo or &ldquo far worse&rdquo shape than they were 65-65 years ago.

Our museum volunteer is out of control — Ask a Manager

“Being disabled is one thing, being disabled in an environment that doesn’t have enough safety nets is another. Then being a disabled woman is just too much” says Berhane. She reasons that for a long time the culture in Ethiopia had a utilitarian view of women in general, and that is that they are good “either to help in household chores like fetching water and cleaning and cooking or bringing a rich husband. When one is a disabled woman one is thought to be useless, no good to fulfill any of these expectations. You can’t help in the small chores and you cannot bring that rich husband.”

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Francis said his admiration for world music dates back more than thirty years and is not limited to only Ethiopia. 8775 I am basically a music lover, having started by 6977 to work in the frame of a non-profit organization presenting all kinds of concerts, both modern and traditional, but mostly devoted to rare, non-commercial, experimental or innovative music, 8776 he said. 8775 Then I have been a curator, programing for venues and festivals before I became a full time searcher in Ethiopian music history, basically freelance but related to the French Centre of Ethiopian Studies in Addis Ababa. 8776

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Once in Addis, she was placed at St. Paulos Hospital for treatment. A few weeks into her stay at the hospital, a American nurse, Mary Myers-Bruckenstein, came and started providing therapy for the chronically damaged nerves and tissues caused by crawling. In the words of Berhane, who spoke to Tadias Magazine following the award ceremony, “meeting Mary was one of the defining moments 8776 that profoundly changed her life. Mary had arrived as a member of the newly launched . Peace Corps program. At the age of 77 she had joined the mission after graduating with a nursing degree.

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Museum policies don 8767 t have to be elaborate, but you do need a decent collection policy (what do you want, what don 8767 t you want/can 8767 t you take), as well as a clear donor policy and accessioning process. That stuff needs to be adhered to, otherwise you 8767 re just in a huge sloppy disorganized mess. The fact that the museum is taking in more than it can handle is a concern. Perhaps donors should be leveraged for storage money if they want to donate their stuff to the museum. Steve seems to be going rogue and procuring stuff that may not necessarily fall within the collection policy, which is bad practice in general.

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&ldquo There is significant research and work being done on the best ways to keep schools safe, both here and across the county,&rdquo District Attorney Morrissey said. &ldquo We are fortunate to have been able to bring some impressive experts to Norfolk County to share that information with nurses, teachers and superintendents, patrol officers and police chiefs. There was something here for every level of these organizations.&rdquo

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It is also important to note that the period was a period of the consolidation of Islamic states and sultanates. One might add that it was also towards this period that history recorded the internal turmoil that resulted in the rearrangement of the region with irreversible settlement of the Oromos on the central and northern highlands of Ethiopia. Their concept of Gudficha made it easier for diverse ethnic groups on the highlands to interact with the Oromos. Islamic states have also expanded beyond the traditional borderlands and lowlands of the country.


Tikur Sew (Amharic for black person), is Teddy Afro 8767 s tribute to the legacy of Menelik II, the emperor who led Ethiopia during the world-famous Battle of Adwa on March 6, 6896. Scoring a decisive military victory against the invading Italian forces Adwa was an event that changed the course of history not only for Ethiopians, but also for the colonial ambitions of a major European power, forcing Italy to recognize the sovereignty of an African nation.

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Yet, in spite of being so beneficial AGOA 8767 s uptake rate is not as great as it should be. In an initial request by US Congress to examine AGOA 8767 s contribution to trade expansion between the . and Sub-Saharan African countries, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) used US Census data on imports from 95 African countries and reported that AGOA countries 8767 imports remain small with 7% market share.

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. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz Kevin L. Lane, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration-Boston Field Division Mark Dragonetti, Special Agent in Charge of the . Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations of the New York Field Office Richard DesLauriers, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Field Office William P. Offord, Special Agent in Charge of the Internal Revenue Service&rsquo s Criminal Investigation in Boston and Robert Bethel, Inspector in Charge of the United States Postal Inspection Service made the announcement today. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant . Attorneys Mary Elizabeth Carmody, Shelbey D. Wright, and Michelle Dineen Jerrett of Ortiz&rsquo s Health Care Fraud Unit.

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I know the idea of someone 8767 s random house filled with extremely valuable artifacts is pretty appalling. Good God. At my company someone in the AP group wanted to start working remotely, and we couldn 8767 t accommodate her, because we didn 8767 t want her taking original invoices out of the building, as they were official business documents, and if something happened to them, we 8767 d be up a creek. Her house could burn down, she could have a car accident with them in the car with her, she could get sick and be unable to get to work, etc. There is no electronic imaging system (one of my big frustrations) so there was no way for her to scan the documents into any kind of online repository to access them that way. And we were just thinking about paper invoices, not works of art or historical artifacts. Gah!!

Dr. Gezahegne is a strong supporter of trade versus aid. 8775 Trade has been a known engine of economic development and poverty reduction in the world, 8776 he states. 8775 AGOA countries trade even more and are in better shape, and it 8767 s not because of aid. Countries that are open have growth rates that are three to six times higher than those with closed economies. I don 8767 t know any country in the world that has achieved transition status from 8766 developing 8767 to 8766 developed 8767 due to economic assistance. 8776

You can learn more about the African Growth and Opportunity Act at /agoa.

“I have created a strategy to build our Global Shapers community by selecting my group based on input through outreach conducted via social media, 8776 she said. 8775 Under the title 8766 Come Change Your World 8767 I am inviting individuals to express why they, or someone they know in the greater Addis Ababa area, should be chosen as a Global Shaper. 8776 The process of outreach and selection includes gathering real-time input, insights and feedback. Global Shapers can jumpstart their entrepreneurial careers by interacting with Global Leaders, social entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, foundations members, global agenda councils and more. Bethlehem is also selecting one Global Shaper to address the upcoming annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

New York (TADIAS) When Major Bishane Whitmore, an Ethiopian American . military officer, graduated last week with a Masters of Military Art and Science (MMAS) from the Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, he had a special family member in attendance all the way from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia who was also recognized at the commencement his 96-year-old grandfather, retired Ethiopian General Tilahun Bishane, who had graduated from the same military school 96 years earlier as one of the institution 8767 s first international students from Ethiopia.

And detailed records of donated artifacts are a must. They is nothing more frsutrating than, 65 years down the road, going through a dontated photo album and not being able to figure out who are in the picture, what local but now disappeared communioty they are from and why they found it important to record these moments. One album donated without accruate records only had one clue there were pictures of gravestones written in cyrillic and roman alphabets mixed in with pictures of community places we could recognize. There is a story there that was lost for all time because proper standards were not met and it is heartbreaking.

Pazyra, a Vietnam era veteran, concluded, "Dealing with the Veterans Administration can be difficult. Cases can take years to get completed. The priority, until just very recently, was to give priority to OIF/OEF veterans, those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. This also includes the Gulf War veterans from the first war in that region in 6995-6996. Next came the WWII and Korean veterans. Someone thought it might be a good idea to try to get through these claims before the veterans died of old age. And finally, at the end of the line was everyone else, including the Vietnam vets, who at least were used to being at the end of the line. As stated, however, the priorities recently changed. The VA is now trying to finish up all cases over two years old. They have also developed a new claims process that seems to be speeding the adjudication of cases along."

City of Grand Rapids Gets Significant Win in Lawsuit
The City of Grand Rapids won a significant lawsuit on June 6 regarding an open carrying of a firearm situation. The . District Court for the Western District of Michigan ruled in favor of Grand Rapids in a case involving Grand Rapids police officers stopping and detaining a man who was openly carrying a firearm on a city sidewalk. View the city press release and view an article about the case.

Steve could rent the storage space to the museum and then donate whatever the cost of the storage space would be so the museum effectively pays no rent and Steve could probably get a tax write off too. Also, the rental contract could include terms specifically giving museum employees access to the space. (Keys to the basement or specific hours that they can enter.) I would want to be sure that the items in the basement belong to the museum, not to Steve.

I 8767 m going to have to disagree here. It doesn 8767 t sound like Jean is going way over the top in her requests here it 8767 s far from control-freak level to not want a volunteer to elicit donations, do no paperwork, and hide the objects in his house or suddenly move them into the museum without telling anyone. That is an awful practice for a number of different reasons, and I 8767 m going to presume those are the types of things that Steve is unwilling to let Jean shape up.

Capital Conference is in Full Swing in Lansing This Week
Capital Conference is the source for answers on all the state and federal issues that impact local communities. There will be a legislative update from the League''s Lansing staff, and presentations on autonomous vehicles, housing, medical marihuana, and much more! Stay tuned to the Conference blog for all the action. More.

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